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Short-Haired Cameron Diaz's Boob Job Rumors

The “Bad Guide” babe, who sported long locks for years, recently chopped off her blonde braids, but did her best to ensure that the pesky paparazzi didn't get a established shot of it. Over the holidays, breast augmentation speculation sparked when Diaz hit

Breast implant scare in France: US doesn't have the same ones

In 2010, 318123 women in the US had breast implants, according to statistics from the American High society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, with most choosing silicone gel implants. For more vigorousness news, check out the LA Times' Booster Shots blog.

Mrs Tom Cruise strips and more fashion news!

Mrs Tom Cruise strips and more fashion news! Dishevel has it that Cameron Diaz has undergone a breast enlargement surgery after her latest excursion in a tiny bikini. The Charlie's Angels star was spotted on the littoral in Hawaii over the holidays looking rather shapely, which sparked speculation that

Breast implant scandal shows regulators in dark on risks

Breast implant scandal shows regulators in dark on risks "We would have known if Mentor ones interpose sooner or later than Allergan's," she said, referring to the two largest makers of breast implants. There were almost 400000 breast enlargement or reconstruction procedures in the Synergetic States in 2010,

Exclusive: Inside The Lab Where Scientists Are Editing DNA In Human Embryos

From the thirteenth floor of a glass tower at the Oregon Health & Science University, you get a panoramic view of downtown Portland and the majestic mountains in the distance. But it's what's happening inside the building that's brought me here.

"Should we go do this thing?" lab manager Amy Koski asks.

She's just gotten a call from the fertility clinic three floors down. A woman undergoing in vitro fertilization has had her eggs extracted. One of the eggs is too immature to be used to try to create a baby, so she's donating it to research.

Koski grabs a small metal box and rushes to the elevator. It's her portable incubator.

"You want to keep the eggs very happy and warm," she says. "When you're jostling them and moving them, they get a little unhappy."

Human eggs are the key starting point for the groundbreaking experiments underway in this lab. It's run by Shoukhrat Mitalipov , a biologist who's been on the cutting edge of embryonic genetic research for decades.

Is there a breast enhancement alternative (drug, shot, herb, etc) to surgery?

I really want bigger breasts, but I am leary of the surgery and the cost. I have tried some cream before, but it only helped a little. I was thinking about discussing options with my doctor, but I figured before I looked like an idiot I would ask you

There are no pills, creams, or herbs that will enhance your breasts, no matter what they claim. They are all a gimmick. If they actually worked, would ANYONE be getting plastic surgery? If only life was that easy.

The only way to get a

There are no pills, creams, or herbs that will enhance your breasts, no matter what they claim. They are all a gimmick. If they actually worked, would ANYONE be getting plastic surgery? If only life was that easy.

The only way to get a

Are there growth hormones available for breast enhancement during puberty?

I am 15 1/2 years old and I am completely flat chested and I've had my period since my 14th birthday! My older sister had full boobs at the age of 14. She is now 17 & I am a full inch taller than her! She has perfect breasts and I have absolutely

Nothing other than gain weight. The breast is nothing more than a gland made of of fat and milk ducts.

May need to see ob-gyn to find out if levels of hormones are correct. They can then start you on a plan to assist growth if needed, and to help stop growth at the proper time and size.