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Caution urged over breast implant use after Singapore sees first case of implant-linked cancer

“HSA received the local case of BIA-ALCL in March 2019. The patient was implanted with the Allergan Natrelle breast implants and was diagnosed with BIA-ALCL two years post-implantation,” it said.

“Breast implants registered in Singapore have a silicone outer surface that is either smooth or textured. Global reports have indicated increased incidence of BIA-ALCL with the use of ‘macro-textured’ breast implants.

“Allergan Natrelle breast implant is the only brand of ‘macro-textured’ breast implant that is registered here. As a precautionary measure, HSA has disallowed the sale of the Allergan Natrelle breast implant in Singapore since April 2019,’’ the HSA said.

Patients with textured implants face higher risks of contracting the lymphoma than people with smooth-surfaced implants, it said. Macro-textured implants carried the highest risk.

There are seven other choices of smooth and textured implants available for sale here.

The HSA urged anyone considering getting an implant to discuss the risks with their doctors, whether the implant is for reconstruction or augmentation purposes.

What is the BEST breast enhancement system to use?

I researched some breast enhancement systems, (NOT surgery), and am looking for the BEST and fastest, safest way to enhance my breast size. I just want 1.5 cups larger, and to keep it that way. Do these pills, etc. last a while? or do i need to keep on

None of those "systems" out there have been proven to work, especially long-term. And, as most of them are herbal, they have not been tested and approved by the FDA. They don't know which herbs can interact with which drugs (prescription and

I would say buy falsies or a water bra. Those are going to be your longest lasting, most cost effective solutions.

Use birth controll. It makes your breasts bigger and im sure your boy friend will like both results.

what is the best breast enhancement system?

I've been researching breast enhancenment products but I don't trust the websites and the serveys all say something different. I wan't to know what they aren't saying. So I would appreciate some advice from someone who has actually tried it and it worked

you mean surgery right? no pills, creams, etc. work to increase breast size, those are all rip offs. do not ever take them, there are many dangerous side effects. the only thing you can do is get surgery.

I don't think any of those "remedies" work. If you want them bigger then seek out a Dr that does cosmetic surgery. Make sure you check him out real good though. I did it and have been thrilled for the last 4 years.