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Call-Out Blotter: Debbie Ryan, Mark Duplass, James Gunn, and More

Leslie Townsend (67, she/her) was convicted of hate speech after declaring in a private Facebook group that "transwomen don't menstruate." Townsend appealed the conviction on the grounds that she herself is a transwoman, but the conviction was upheld and she was sentenced to three years in Facebook prison.

Wanda Comen (57, she/her) was convicted of blasphemy for posting “The only difference between Christianity and astrology is the type of incense” on Facebook. She has been sentenced to attend monthly full moon ceremonies for the next 15 years.

Joe Quilty (41, he/him) was convicted of #resistance treason after a photo emerged of him wearing a MAGA hat in early 2016. Quilty insists that he voted for Clinton, the whole thing was a joke, and if he had any idea Trump would actually become President he would have “burned the fucking thing.” Quilty has been ordered to to campaign for Cynthia Nixon and to actually burn the fucking thing.