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    Price: $49.90

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    Price: $33.00
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Do those breast enhancement creams really work?

A while ago I heard a plastic surgeon (tv show) talk about these creams & how they do really work & that's why he doesn't recommend breast augmentations. So, do these creams really work?
If they do, does anyone know if there are also

No, they really don't work. Believe me, I'm an A cup and I've tried them all! Get a really good fitting bra from a store which will help with the discomfort, and only go for augmentation if you're really unhappy with them. I say you're lucky, coming from

There isn't any creams that can alter your breast size, sorry.
It's all a myth, fraud, or gimic.

nooo they r a big waste of money lol

Girls: Do you think that breast enhancement creams work or are just scams?


It's not true what is a cream going to do?

i think scams, but u never know!!