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Dear Abby: Teen wants boob job to help attract boys | Chicago Sun ...

DEAR GRANDMA: Under the circumstances, a shower for your son would be appropriate for the reason you stated in your letter. Jane’s absence should not prevent there from being one.

However, I hope with time the drama will subside, and Jane will realize children need both parents present in their lives and will be able to successfully co-parent with your son.

DEAR ABBY: Over the past few months, my husband and I have been getting phone calls claiming we have been charged with a crime and face dire consequences if we don’t return the call immediately. As a recent law enforcement retiree, my husband knows these calls are bogus.

Please remind your readers NO ONE is ever informed of legitimate legal action against them by a pre-recorded phone call. This includes the IRS. Notice of legitimate action is sent through the postal service or personally delivered by a court-designated representative, usually the police.

Questions about Breast Enhancement?

I am thinking about getting breast implants. I haven't even started my research yet, which I plan to extensively. I just thought maybe there were women on here that had some advice. I want to know how big to go, how horrible is the pain, what will happen

Well i havent had the surgery yet, but i am getting it very soon. i am also an A, and have had 2 consultations with 2 different doctors. I have done all the research i needed to do. What i did was went to a few sites such as, and wrote

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illegal drug-pill- on airplane?

i want to take a 2ce pill with me to florida (from chicago). whats the best way of going about that? its a small pill, but it is illegal.

should i just blend it in with a bunch of vitamins? or put it in my shoe...? ill have one carry on

Not to condone what you're doing, but just put the pill in your purse or wallet and no one will find it. Don't put in your shoe, you have to remove your shoes at the security checkpoint and the shoes are then x-rayed.

wateva u r doing is really illegal, so dont try it.