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Global Breast Massager Market to Witness Growth Through 2020 Owing to Surge in Disposable Income, Reports Technavio

The study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global breast massager market for 2016-2020. The report segments the market into two main distribution channels, which are retail stores and online retail stores . It also examines key emerging trends and their influence on current and future markets.

According to Amber Chourasia, a lead analyst at Technavio, for health and wellness research “Countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India, and China have high growth potential due to an increase in disposable income, which allows people to spend more on personal care essentials. Moreover, the high birth rate in these countries will also fuel the market as breast massagers are recommended to increase breast milk supply.”

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i want to know more about natural breast growth...?

i refuse to get implants so i've been looking at the most natural way to promote breast enhancement. i know all about massaging technique and exercise, etc. and have found some recipes that are "supposed to" help out but i'm not having much

Nothing works except for surgery, sorry.
All of the other stuff is snake-oil that scam artists are trying to get you to buy.

yeah, sorry hun, its either surgery or be happy with what you have. you can always do enhancers like push-up bras and water bra. Some birthcontrol pills like Yasmin work too but I'm not sure about the long-term effects and everyone is different so it

I want some proven techniques to increase boob size?

Btw, I'm 14 and I started my period a few months ago

P.s. Don't tell me stuff lyk i've still got loads of tym and my breasts would grow. Neither am i interested in the pills or enhancements.

I'm looking for home remedies.

You are right breast massage is the best way to increase the size.
Breast massage as a method of natural breast enlargement and breast health has actually been used for years as a means of stimulating healthy breast growth and promoting


I'm 13 and my boobs are a 34F, I'm not overweight either. I can never understand why girls my age want bigger 'uns, because I'd love to be at least 4 Cups smaller!

You can try wearing a push-up bra, or contouring your boobs. Contouring