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do they really work natural breast enhancement methods like creams and pills.?

I don't wont big breast, but e little bigger than what I have, my bra size is 32A I would like them like 34A just e little more fuller. I am thinking of trying to do some breast exercise and use some natural creams ( If there is any). If you could help

No, unfortunately. These pills and potions are only designed to part you from your hard earned cash.
The only method that actually works is surgery. If you don't wish to do this, you could try dressing to accentuate what little you have. Plunging

Nothing works except plastic surgery. Just wear a push-up bra.

thank god you said you don't want big breasts. Some of us (men) prefer them smaller. A and b are perfection.Sorry, just had to pipe in. fakes are repulsive.........

breast enhancement methods and supplements?

i want my boobs to be fuller and ROUNDER .. what supplements or such can i take to make this happen. dont even try to tell me stuff like im gonna get cancer cause ok cool.

I suggested that you use breast enhancement cream... please don't do breast enhancement surgery...