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Ryan Lochte's fiancée Kayla Rae Reid reveals she posed as Playboy's Miss July 2015

In order to fix the problem, Reid, who is originally from Virginia, consulted with her doctor who agreed that they were not correct. 

The playmate's doctor corrected her breasts for free, and a week later she matched with the Olympic swimmer on popular dating-app Tinder. 

Lochte and Reid decided to meet in person for the first time at Hollywood hot-spot Bootsy Bellows. 

Reid shared that their January meeting at the nightclub which is co-owned by David Arquette, was just like a romantic comedy.  

'We physically ran into each other. We grabbed each other's hands and were looking into each other's eyes. We clicked,' she told the Post. 

'I had always heard he was a player and a partyer. I always said I would never date an athlete. 

'When I met him, he was the complete opposite of everything I thought he was.'

breast enhancement?

im thinking of getting a breast enhancement.
Girls please help!
how much? ( not exactly but a estimate)
what are some good surgeons in los angeles?
any advice or personal experience.

How about, "GUYS, please help?"

If you're still in the "thinking" about it stage, let me be the first to say that less guys like implants than you think (and possibly its the wrong kind of guys who actually do). Don't

Word of advice - don't do it. It might look better from afar but when you have a partner he is going to be missing real, fresh, playful, luscious breasts and be stuck with stiff fake ones. that's the reality

why is your name cookie? is

no personal experiance..i dont know of any plastic surgeons..but dont go any bigger than a full D


when i see girls who got boob jobs...and they got them too just looks like they have flat basketballs

My 14 Year Old Sister is Desperate to Get Breast Enhancements!?

My 14 year old sister desperately wants to move to Los Angeles to become a Victoria’s Secret fashion model. I think that this job is very respectable, prestigious, and worth trying to get. However, my sister feels like her breasts are not big enough

just let her do it, she'll be alright. He obviously knows what he's doing she will be hot in no time!

you should show her some pictures of botched plastic surgery, and maybe even read her some of the horror stories, she needs to know that surgery is a big deal and it really needs to be done by a trained professional, one bad operation and there goes her

I agree about showing her the effects of having someone do the surgery that isn't adequately trained to do it.
How old is her boyfriend?!?!?!
Cuz if she's 14, and her boyfriend is in Medical School.
Then we have an issue here.