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Fat-Removal Nightmare: Lawsuit Claims Cellulite Machine Changed Everything

Diaz, 38, also developed a painful seroma, a pocket of clear fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery, according to her lawsuit, in which she is a co-plaintiff with her boss, Dr. Stuart Linder. Their case against Cynosure Inc. is being tried before a Los Angeles Superior Court jury.

Linder testified previously that he followed the steps given him by Cynosure’s representatives regarding the use of the laser machine when he performed the procedure on Diaz in January 2013. He said the company representatives never told him that he should not have used the device on an area where he completed lyposuction on his employee in 2011.

But attorney Karin Curtis, on behalf of Cynosure and the salesman, said the device is safe and that Linder misused it.

In her testimony, the 31-year-old Gutierrez said she worked as a front desk receptionist for Linder from 2009-18 and that her sister was her direct supervisor. Gutierrez said that in her role, she came into contact with sales representatives who wanted to sell medical devices to Linder. She said that one of those who made such pitches was Kristopher Huston of Cynosure, who she said boasted through numerous visits and phone calls that the company’s device was the best on the market.

Cellulite REMOVAL???

Does anyone have any tips how to get rid of cellulite quickly?? or easily...??

plz n thnx xx page_id=2278&lan=com is a product that is supposed to remove cellulite, but it takes 4 weeks. 008/02/28/cellulite-remedies/ has tips on cellulite.

besides the usual exercise, try avon's new stretch mark/cellulite cream it removes the appearance of cellulite

Well, have you tried that Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Cream?

Any Cellulite removal creams that actually work?

It seems a little odd that a cream can remove cellulite but I'm desperate, I've seen this one good one on TV on the news, and in some magazines called cellulean, wondering if anyone has tried it

actually I've tried cellulean and so have my 3 sisters, we all noticed a significant decrease in visible cellulite especially on the back of the thighs/butt area. They offer a 14 day free trial we ordered it online at the link in the source

I know that you cannot fully get rid of cellulite but you can reduce the apparence..things that help/make it less noticable is scrubbing your bum in the shower with a back scrubber, dont ask why but i heard dr oz say it helps on oprah and ive noticed