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    Sweet Sweat Premium Thigh Trimmers (Pink Logo) for Men & Women. Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer!
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    Sports Research

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    ObboMed® MB-6800S Compression Recovery Thigh Wrap/Sleeve for Sore Hamstring, Groin, Weight Loss, Injury, Cellulite Reduction & Quad Support- Heavy-Duty Neoprene Foam & Nylon (S: 19 - 23 inches)
    Health and Beauty (ObboMed® Group)

    ObboMed® Group

    List Price: $9.99
    Price: $9.99

    • Suitable for daily use
    • Provides compression and support to thigh while exercising
    • Made of breathable neoprene fabric
    • Relieves thigh muscle, eases pain, and improves circulation
    • Velcro closure for adjustable and comfortable fit

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The health hazards of space travel

, That "you're actually in an aluminum bubble."

And far away from home.

Spacecrafts must be made of materials that can operate in microgravity while in space, but that can also withstand the 3G acceleration needed to take off in the first place.

They need protection against meteorites, solar winds and man-made debris from previous human ventures. The ISS, traveling at almost 17,000 miles per hour, is susceptible even to dust-sized grains.

A puncture to the body of a spacecraft would cause the vacuum outside to suck everything and everyone out.

The aluminum shell of each module of the ISS is covered with a 10-inch thick "blanket" consisting of layers of Kevlar, ceramic fabrics and other advanced materials. Kevlar is the material used in bulletproof vests.

But even if 100% vehicle safety could be guaranteed, what about the day-to-day pressures on the human body? What hazards do space travelers face, and how can they be overcome?


Front of my legs look fantastic! Back of my legs...not so much. :(?

The front of my legs look great. They're smooth and muscular. You can visibly see my quadriceps. And that's the thing...It seems like all of the exercises I do, the only work the front of my legs. The backs (particularly my thighs) are still flabby and

Try doing squats.