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cellulite wraps do they work

Anyone lose cellulite successfully with body wraps? Do they work?

Share your experience here....

wrap is crap and nothing beats diet and exercise
and massage the area to get the best results.

I've gotten rid of cellulite with real essential oils and rubbing them on the back of the legs for three weeks - but like with anything else you have to keep doing it or it shows up again - I used grapefruit, orange and lemon

I've also

i've never had cellulite but in the Tyra Banks show, there's this like before and after thing about cellulite. Im telling you, use Nivea good-bye cellulite. Give it time and it works. probably a month. i dont know about body wraps though.

Anyone try Endermologie? OR the cellulite body wraps? Do they really work?

Is it worth the money?
Yes- I workout, just had knee surgery last month, want to get rid of the stuff that diet and exercise will not

Try Velasmooth instead of Endermologie. The treatment does more to promote collagen regrowth which helps alot with the appearance of cellulite. Velasmooth was highlighted on The Today Show where they did a study and found great results. Endermologie

I had the Endermologie done, but for it to be effextive, you have to do more than 5 sessions. I don't think that it is worth it. Drink pleanty of water, do some cardio, and some other form of exercises. is a free website if you need exercise

Although it is an effective method of controlling cellulite, Endermologie treatment for cellulite can also be extremely expensive. With the need for a minimum 14 sessions (up to three quarters of an hour long) per time, with an average cost of $90 per