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This Legs and Butt Workout Is the Ultimate Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite—it isn't pretty. And it won't go away without a fight. Really, it's just fat that happens to be packaged in lumps instead of layers, says Wane Westcott, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at Quincy College who has done numerous studies on exercise and cellulite. Various factors—genetics, hormones, and bad circulation, to name a few—figure into whether you'll get the bumpy stuff, but the fitness connection boils down to this: "When you lose muscle or don't have much of it, there's no underlying foundation, so fat clumps up," Westcott says.

You can't spot burn, but you can spot firm, he says. So because cellulite tends to accumulate on your butt and legs, your smoothing strategy needs to be to hit the lower body hard with high reps of moderately heavy strength moves. "This will attack that fat—by building the crucial muscle foundation below it and burning calories in general—and repackage what's left of it into smoother layers," Westcott says. We went to top trainer Joey Gonzalez, the CEO of Barry's Bootcamp tp cook up a fast cellulite-fighting routine. (P.S. Westcott has a no-cellulite eating plan , too.)

Detox diet plan/workout plan?

I'm turning 20 next month on the 2nd and i would like to lose about 20-30 pounds by then. I know it seems like a drastic amount of weight but i've seen it done in this time frame before.. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a detox kind of diet

a detox diet will conflict with a workout routine. My advice would be to work out on a healthy diet plan such as ... a nice healthy low fat breakfast ( oatmeal topped with blueberries and raspberries with a drop of honey )...

A nice healthy

I need a diet/workout plan!? Can someone help me create this?

Im 15, im not stating how much i weigh, i weigh allot though...But enough to loose weight.

Id LOVE to weigh around 130 by the time summer is over!

Keep in mind (between now and june 15th--last day of school)

omg i have the same prob am tryin to lose 20 lbs (am 14) ;) anywyz this is what i been doing

BREAKFAST: special K cereal w/ soy milk (155 calories)
SNACK: 5 Ritz Crackers (70 calories)
LUNCH: McDonalds Side Salad

omg i have the same prob am tryin to lose 20 lbs (am 14) ;) anywyz this is what i been doing

BREAKFAST: special K cereal w/ soy milk (155 calories)
SNACK: 5 Ritz Crackers (70 calories)
LUNCH: McDonalds Side Salad