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cellulite exercise before and after

Kitchen Shrink: Cellulite busters for beach season and beyond

• Indulge in tropical beauts like papayas and guavas , as well as dark purple berries that rev up the production of collagen (a structural protein found in connective tissue in skin’s second dermis layer), for greater skin elasticity, and a smoother, firmer texture. The vibrant anthocyanin pigments in berries, such as acai, blueberries, boysenberries and blackberries are also a mighty source of flavonoids with antioxidant powers to target cellulite pockets, and break down pesky fat cells lodged in connective tissue.

Swap out inflammation-provoking red meat for anti-inflammatory red snapper or other omega-3 fatty acid powerhouses, especially wild-caught, deep sea, cold-water ones like salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel. Grill, bake, poach, grind into burgers, whip into omelets, flake into salads or hearty grains like quinoa or brown rice. These sea treasures lubricate the dermis, and repair and fortify connective tissue, increasing circulation and reducing the accumulation of toxins. Salmon, in particular, has a rich store of astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that has been found to dissolve fat cells found in cellulite.

intense exercise cause cellulite?

I had very little to no cellulite before I joined the military and went to basic training. I thought I would be more toned (which I am in my arms and torso..) but it seems all I have obtained are bigger thighs. I went up a pant size and down a shirt size.

No…too much exercise will not cause cellulite, quite the opposite, really!
(Up to two hours is fine, for beginners, if you drink enough)

Your training definitely did not cause your cellulite.
I would need more information on your diet since you joined military, your age, and workout plan to determine the cause.

Cellulite on backs of legs and thighs now I'm pregnant, will it get better after the birth?....?

Does it mean I've put on too much weight, or is it normal in pregnancy? I seem to be all bump right at the front, but have noticed in the last week or so my legs look a little bigger. I did have a little bit of cellulite before but not as much as now.

Hope this helps, congratulations also. y/5428390/Cellulite-treatment-how-to-get -rid-of-cellulite.html

all part of mommy hood , but i understand how u feel about yourself
i believe i was around 28 weeks when i started asking about how much Weight would i lose after the baby was born (like the same day) lol..i wont worry too much , put all the effort