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Reseda Woman Scarred by Laser Treatment Testifies

Diaz said both Huston and Morgan assured her that the laser machine was approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, an assertion she said she found out two to three years later was false. She also said Morgan told her it would be safe to have the laser treatment even though she had a liposuction treatment done by Linder in the same areas. That statement also was untrue, according to Diaz.

The plaintiff said she never would have gone forward with the Cellulaze treatment if she knew the machine was not FDA-approved and that it could harm her to have the procedure done in the same areas as the liposuction.

Diaz said she does not blame Linder for what happened to her because of the procedure.

“He did everything he was told to do (by Cynosure),” Diaz said. “He’s exceptional in what he does.”

Linder, who has made television appearances on such programs as “The Doctors,” “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The View,” alleges Cynosure misrepresented the safety of the allegedly defective laser device and falsely told him that it was approved by the FDA.

What is the average cost of Cellulite Reduction and/or Removal?

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what is the most effective and low costing product for cellulite removal?

I have heard that Avon is selling a set of cellulite lotions that are really good, and they are not expensive. I never tried them - a friend of mine did and she said she liked the results. Of course she was very disciplined and use the lotions every day.


Sally Henson cellulite lotion/cream cuz its only $5 a tube.....most creams/lotions are $10 a tube and higher