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Biotech Stocks: Cellulite Treatment Market Projected to Have Strong Growth Rate Through 2028

A recent article titled Cellulite Treatment Market to Reflect Impressive Growth Rate During 2028 said: Despite the economic and political uncertainty in the recent past, the global healthcare industry has been receiving positive nudges from reformative and technological disruptions in medical devices, and biotech, key markets across the world are facing a massive rise in demand for critical care services (including cellulite) that are pushing global healthcare spending levels to unimaginable limits. The size of the global consumer pool for non-invasive cellulite treatments has been growing at a very strong pace, and it seems to be projected for even more substantial growth in the coming decade. In fact, this yearly increase started back in 2013 when an industry report lamented about the lack of a solution. The report said: No effective treatment currently exists for cellulite; that is, the condition associated with the dimpled appearance of skin, commonly on the thighs and buttocks. According

How do you convince your bf that plastic surgery won't change anything?

told my boyfriend when a little before I started college that once I graduated my present to myself would be a total plastic make-over of sorts. I worked my booty off through college (getting knocked up 1/2 way through too) and right now I'm 23 got my

You tell him that he can like you the way you are, or fuck off. Do not let him try to make you do that. There are a lot of risks, and you will never look the same after. And most people look fake after. Do what makes you happy.

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I only read the cover yesterday.Demi Moore spent $470.000 on cosmetic surgery ?

Wow.. if she really did that.. then she has more money to spent on looking good than others have on buying one house.. I only read a cover yesterday where both Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston admit they had Botox.. and some minor cosmetic surgery...Meg

The only smart thing about Sarah Palin is that she spends a lot more money on outfits and hair styles rather than have cosmetic surgery for the same amount (at least as far as I know).
I don´t understand why I would want to have an operation

and many other celebrities nothing is real if you have the money

well goody for them now they can never look there right age ever who care if they spent a million dollar to look young for ever sǝıɹʎʞןɐʌ