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cellulite removal cream

Wow! That's Assome!

I think we can all accept that traditional ‘cellulite creams’ just don’t work *covers ears for backlash*. Yes, they can feel nice (or sometimes not, if we’re talking the ultra-cold or warming versions), yes, they can make the skin slightly more taught-looking and often they can have a smoothing effect, but in my humble opinion, I have never used/seen/heard of a cream that actually removes cellulite, ever.

There are 2 types of appearance for what we typically class as cellulite; One is when the skin is pulled inward in small areas, creating the classic dimpled look, the second is the more common, corrugation type appearance which usually effects a larger surface area- this is due to slackening of the fibres that hold the skin up, and this is where new treatment, Assome really works it’s magic.

Assome (best name ever btw) combines 3 tried and tested technologies, that have previously only been available in salons to effectively lift and firm the bum, and fight cellulite:

Does anyone know the most effective cellulite removal cream?

I am looking for the best cellulite cream to remove my cellulite since summer is coming soon and I am going on holiday. I am only 15 years old and I suffered with cellulite since I was 14 years old :( I already tried the nivea good bye cellulite serum

The best cellulite cream out there is Revitol's Cellulite Solution. It's made with natural ingredients, which helps in the skin absorb it faster.

It's main ingredients include Caffeine, Capsicum Extract, Retinol A, and Shea Butter.

Beauty products does not do that, they are a billion dollar business.

Exercise is the only way to get cellulites gone!

Cellulite creams will not help. Do an Answers Search and many will tell you they did absolutely nothing at all. Some contain toxic ingredients which will only harm your skin. The best way is to exercise. Find the best exercises with a Google Search.

what is the best way to "remove" cellulite? what is the best cellulite cream/product?

I am pretty fit, work out and eat healthy. but since i am going to the beach this summer, i want to look perfect, so bikini definitely doesn't look good if you have cellulite. i will keep having a healthy life style. but i would really want to know what

Those creams are a rip off. You need to exercises more and tighten.

Creams/gels do NOT work. Only exercise or lipo.