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The cellulite treatments you can do at home that actually do work

In the study carried out on behalf of Cellfina, 74% of women said cellulite impacted their outfit choices on holiday and 48% revealed they would think twice about going away with extended family because they wouldn't want to reveal their dimply skin.

Of course, cellulite is perfectly natural and if you choose not to treat it, all power to you, but if you do want to reduce the appearance of so-called orange peel skin, we're here to help.

But first things first. Why do we get cellulite?

"Cellulite is caused by tiny connective tissue filaments (called fibrous septae) that anchor the skin to the underlying tissue and have fat in between," explains Dr Nick Rhodes. "These filaments can pull down on the skin's underside and create dimples."

"Connective tissue can be weakened by hormones, lack of exercise and muscle tone, and poor circulation," he says, so it can be tackled through working out, as long as you do a combination of cardio and muscle-toning activities.

What's the best anti-cellulite treatment you can buy for about $50 or less?

I know that no topical anti-cellulite treatments can ever be entirely effective. However, I also know that lately there have been some products coming out that have had much better results than in the past.
What is the best product available for

nivea got rave reviews. tyra banks did a demo of a bunch of products and it got the best results of them all. squats and walking are you better bet to shrink fat cells.

go running.

Cheapest I've heard is this "body firming" gel that L'Oréal makes.

Anyone have any information on a new treatment for cellulite called Biogenie?

My best friend has an appointment Thursday for some new treatment called Biogenie that is supposed to remove or significantly decrease cellulite. She found the advertisement in a local monthly wedding magazine. The cost is $150.00 per treatment and

I have heard of this treatment