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    New Body Essentials Anti-Cellulite Massagers (2-Piece Kit) Brush and Roller | Natural Home Spa Treatment for Arms, Legs, Thighs, Butt | Handheld Body Machine
    Beauty (New Body Essentials)

    New Body Essentials

    List Price: $19.95
    Price: $19.95
    You Save: $7.46 (37%)

    • ✔✔✔HEALTHIER, YOUTHFUL ELASTICITY - Used regularly, our anti-cellulite remover helps reduce the appearance of bloated skin on your butt, arms, thighs and legs.
    • ✔✔✔DETOXIFYING SUPPORT - Along with returning your skin radiance and supple elasticity, our cellulite treatment massage brush helps draw out unhealthy toxins.
    • ✔✔✔HOME MASSAGE THERAPY - Enjoy a cellulite treatment massage with a 2-piece kit that comes with a brush and roller for maximum fascia fat-blasting support.
    • ✔✔✔BETTER SKIN, GUARANTEED - This anti-cellulite massager helps energize your skin and restore essential firmness; and it's backed by true quality assurance.
    • ✔✔✔ FIRMER, SUPPLER SKIN - Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dimples and fine lines with our anti-cellulite massager mitt that rolls out cellulitis, fat and blemishes.

    Monogram Inc Slim Fat Reduction Target Stubborn Fat and Cellulite Lose Belly Fat, Slim Down Hips and Thighs, Get Rid of Cellulite ( Comes With 1 Free Extra Fat Freezer Pad )
    Lawn & Patio (Monogram Inc®)

    Monogram Inc®

    List Price: $104.99
    Price: $104.99

    • Use it on body, arms, legs, back, belly, and any part of your body except for your face. Be sure to see our listings for great prices on the replacement pads.
    • How to Use It Strap device around treatment area Plug it in, causing a faint buzzing sound Set timer to 30-60 minutes
    • Adjustable belt designed to slowly freeze fat
    • Works to encourage the body to get rid of dead fat cells, also can wrap around the midsection, arms, thighs, or buttocks
    • How It Works: Cold lipolysis technology aims to help dissolve fat deposits by cooling them Non-invasive method targets stubborn pockets of fatty tissue May help promote weight loss See improved results with continuous use

Celebrity health ideas ever so wrong

As for those cellulite wraps they will not take the dimples out of the graze or suck out that body fat. The upside body wraps are great for tenseness and nervous tension. Check the ingredients before using a warp since a lot of them use fragrances.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is Now Offering ThermiRF Treatments to Patients in Atlanta

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C. is a distinguished plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia who recognizes the demand for dramatic cosmetic improvements without major surgery. In doing so, he has invested in the latest thermal technology system that gives patients a minimally to non-invasive solution to erase facial wrinkles, eliminate sagging neck and arm skin, improve cellulite and even provide vaginal rejuvenation. These represent common concerns that women encounter as they age. Now, using ThermiRF Treatments, women can undergo a painless procedure that uses radio frequency to heat the targeted areas of the body and tighten the tissues and build collagen in the skin. Many patients report the procedure feels like a warm massage and there is no downtime or recovery following a treatment session.

ThermiRF Treatments includes a variety of distinct devices designed to help patients achieve their specific goals. Dr. Jones offers ThermiSmooth, ThermiTight and ThermiVia at his Atlanta practice. ThermiSmooth is a handheld device used to revitalize the neck, mouth, cheeks and eyes. Its dermal heating works to rebuild lost collagen and temporarily improve cellulite on the body. ThermiTight requires local anesthesia and produces dramatic results in shrinking sagging skin in the neck and behind the arms, a common complaint of aging women. Finally, ThermiVia is an innovative technology that is designed for vaginal rejuvenation . By tightening the vaginal tissues, women can get relief from urinary leakage and intimacy problems that frequently occur after childbearing years.

How much do cellulite treatments such as velashape cost? I think you have to go for 6-8 sessions or somet?

I am considering getting cellulite treatment of some sort, any help? I spoke with one person but I don't want to have to go to lots of doctors to get a good comparison in price. I live in atlanta and there are alot of doctors here.

Hi Kara,

Unfortunately my company, Sono Bello ( is not in Atlanta. We currently operate in Bellevue, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Beverly Hills, CA; and Phoenix, AZ. However, I can provide you information about our Vela Shape

Hi Kara,

Unfortunately my company, Sono Bello ( is not in Atlanta. We currently operate in Bellevue, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Beverly Hills, CA; and Phoenix, AZ. However, I can provide you information about our Vela Shape