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    Carer Personal Use Cavitation Machine Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping Equipment
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    List Price: $169.99
    Price: $169.99
    You Save: $76.00 (45%)

    • The RF function is the arc areain on the sides, it will get hot; But the round on the middle is cavation function, it is not hot.
    • ★Tighten Skin and fat removal ★Anti-aging and scar removal ★ Detox and dissipate fatigue ★Nutrition lead in, improve sleep and relax
    • Safe & Painless: non-surgical fat removal procedure without any anesthesia, it is non-invasive (no cutting, no needles, no chemicals, leaves no scars or need post-operative course) and it allows for a full social life both before and after the sessions.So there is no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time.
    • The device is applicable for the following parts: front of arm, belly,front part of leg,inside of leg, back, waist, hip,inside of calf and soon. The device is not applicable for the following parts:face,neck,clavicular part, elbow,wrist, leg inside joint, knee, ankle,hindbrain,cervical vertebra and foot etc.
    • A TRIPLE action system that includes 3 modes---- Cavitation, Red LED Light Therapy, Radio-frequency Thermal (RF) all in one device. It generally works on cellulite by focusing on "cavitation effect" on the fat tissue while stimulating the skin to tighten when followed by (RF) and using compounds that help break up cellulite. The red LED light therapy aims for reducing and eliminating fine lines, wrinkles to restore your skin's youthful appearance.

    5 in 1 Led Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine 40K RF Radio Frequency Multipolar Vacuum Machine Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping Equipment
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    List Price: $449.99
    Price: $449.99
    You Save: $40.00 (9%)

    • Skin Rejuvenation (The photo-rejuvenation is non-invasive, causes no inflammation and requires no special post treatment procedures. It is proving to be an effective treatment for aging, sun damages skin as well as Rosacea and other skin conditions.)
    • Restores elasticity, firms Skin(Radio Frequency energy penetrates the skin and stimulates the contraction of collagen and the production of new collagen for skin tightening.)
    • Circulation Simulation, Stimulate Metabolism(Vacuum Principle can improve the blood circulation, do lymphatic drainage, promote tissue metabolism.)
    • Sculpting Figure(Radio Frequency can tighten muscles of the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, back, abdominal muscles, re-shaping body contour.)
    • Fat Tissue Reduction (Cavitation Principle causes thousands of microscopic air bubbles to surround the fat cell membranes with resonant frequency causing enough pressure for fat cells to break up instantly.)

DeadSea2U - Cellulite Treatment That Works

It is а non-invasive treatment that manipulates thе connective fabric resulting in cellulite reduction, slimming and anti-aging. Endermologie has thе only machine that cаn purvey thе unique mechanization оf Tissular Rolling аnd Tissular Lifting.

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Wellbox - The Lipomassage Machine. For any maidservant who hasn't heard of lipomassage therapy, this new technology works wonders on both wrinkles and cellulite, as well as relaxing needles muscles. A lipomassage treatment is quick and easy, and with continued

Las Vegas Spas and Makeovers

It's when I'm cooling down in the Arctic Ice Margin surrounded by gently-falling faux snow that I wonder if I might be contemporary overboard with the spa treatments — because I didn't just list an Anti-cellulite & Detox Wrap, I added a Red Carpet Facial.

A Pearler of an experience

Ionithermie is a detoxing treatment that drains non-static and unwanted fatty deposits by removing the accumulation of toxins lower down the skin. The by-product of this is visible cellulite reduction which was a definite plus for me!

Can you use a regular hand messager for cellulite?

I did some research and found that you can get cellulite treatments where they use some kind of messager on your problem areas.
I know professionals have better machines but do you think it can help in the same way? I want to try it out like a


Yes definately, there's a hand massager at .htm for that specific purpose.

But you can't just massage to get rid of the cellulite, although that helps, but you must also do the

i think your talking about velasmooth. This machine do not give much results so i think a regular hand massaging won't give much result. Instead try goodbye cellulite cream by nivea which gives way better results than velasmooth. And its like only $20


Yes definately, there's a hand massager at .htm for that specific purpose.

But you can't just massage to get rid of the cellulite, although that helps, but you must also do the

What promotes the evil cellulite to appear?? I want them GONE but howw....)-:?

I HATE THESE CELLULITE ON MY BUTT!!! I wish them away..I've lost weight over the years but the cellulite never seems to fade away even if I did lose weight....many of my friends think I am absolutely, I mean aBsOLUteLy RidONkuLouS!
They think

get rid of it liek Kim did with the surgery thing

well mum had the same problem i watched the doctors program and they said that it cany be removed the only way to remove it is a plastic surgery my mum did it and it really worked

im UNDERWEIGHT and i still have it.. but im a teenager so idk if that has anything to do with it.

You could try placing coffee grounds or seaweed on it.. it seems to work 4 me.
i read in a book that the caffeine firms the skin...its