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acai berry scams

Watch out for Acai Berry scams on Facebook

Browser-related data with them at all (e.g.browser type, location, language, operating system, possible cookies from previous visits) is best avoided.

• The web pages could change at any time, with the dodgy diet offers replaced with more directly malevolent content.

Here, we’re talking about exploit kits and drive-by installs, where booby-trapped content in a web page tries to trick your browser into downloading malware and installing it without asking.

Tell your friends

If you see your friends making posts like this, whether they’re on Facebook, another social media service, or even in plain old email, get in touch and let them know.

If crooks can login to their account to post bogus messages about shonky diet products, then those same crooks can probably do a lot worse, from sending out malware to identity theft.

→ Be careful of simply emailing them, or merely posting a reply and hoping they see it – if a crook controls their account, they’ll never see your warning. If they’re a real-world friend, consider giving them an old-fashioned ring on the telephone to let them know that their account might have been taken over by crooks to post scammy garbage.

Can someone help me with acai berry trials and scams?

I want to try an acai berry supplement for weight loss. They will send free trials, but want a credit card for shipping. Which one is good? Any information on acai berry supplements or acai berry scams or acai berry free trials is greatly appreciated.

ALERT!!! Total Scam!!!!! I did a trial, and canceled within the specific time as per the instructions, and got up today to find an unauthorized deduction from my bank account. I called, and after 30 min of being on hold, raised ever-lovin' h-e-double

The key for losing weight is easy - eat less and exercise more often - the difficulties appear when we actually try to put that into practice! There are lots of temptations out there aren't there?! The sole method that definitely showed results for me

Acai berries are not proven to provide any kind of weight loss assistance. They neither suppress appetite nor encourage thermogenesis, and therefore really should not even be lumped among diet aids.
Even though it is proven that acai berries contain

Why are acai berry scams STILL being allowed on this site in the form of answers?

There is no credible evidence that acai helps anything. Urging all to click on the abuse button and complain at every acai ad posted as an answer by hoaxing scammers.

Oh but didn't you know, the Acai berry cures Death, Poverty, Excessive flatulance, Ugliness, Impertinance, Loneliness, Bordom, Premature Ejaculation, Teenagers and everything else inbetween!

i dont care if its a scam or not, i hate it how i ask a question and i get all these advertisement "answers"

lmao at the first answer.

but yeah I agree with you. It's because it's so many different accounts are posting. They will keep on popping weeds.