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Celebrity alike perfect nailing and manicure tips

Celebrity style five tips for nailing the perfect manicure

Don’t cut all of your cuticles: The cuticle protects your nails from infection. Trim the little pieces that are visibly hanging out. Then take a small amount of alcohol and swipe it on the nail bed so the natural oils from your nails are gone and you get a clean base. (Read: Tips for healthy nails)

Try dry manicures: Lotion and oil on hands can interfere with smooth application and also expand nail bed. Besides, it takes time to dry out so give them a skip.

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Apply your base:

 Apply a good base which has keratin as the main ingredient. It helps with weak nails or cracks. This is your first coat which is going to penetrate through your nails to make them stronger. It will bond with the colour you apply.

Be Patient: Let the base coat dry because if that canvas is dry, you are going to get a sleeker application with your colour. If you don’t wait for the nails to dry fully, you run the risk of wrinkling the polish.

Manicure Tips?

Does anyone have any tips for doing an at-home manicure??

use stick take to stick on ur tip of ur nails so u wont go over the line with the white nail pilish, and u wil need clear or clear pink nail polish over the white.

If you want tips for more beautiful nails, go to this link: utyskincare.htm#173788608

Manicure tips???

Does anybody have any good tips on how to remove excess polish from your nails??? I'm having problems w/ getting my red polish all over my fingers )=

i suggest getting a polish remover pen.

just get acrylics