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FBI Director Releases New Info To Show North Korea Hacked Sony

One of the few pieces of information about the attacks that seems clear is that the shadowy Guardians of Peace group was somehow involved. The group sent Sony employees threats and posted online boasts after the attacks.

Most of the time, Comey said, the Guardians of Peace used proxy addresses to hide their true location. "But several times they got sloppy," said Comey. "They connected directly, and we could see that the [Internet Protocol] addresses to post and send the emails were coming from [Internet Protocol addresses] that were exclusively used by the North Koreans."

Comey said that "mistake" provided the FBI with "a very clear indication of who's doing this. They would shut it off very quickly once they realized their mistake."

Comey also said the FBI believes the hackers likely gained access to Sony's internal files via a so-called spearfishing attack, a kind of cyber-attack in which a hacker seeks to gain unauthorized entry through a spoof email. Spearfishing messages were sent to Sony as late as September, Comey said.

how to get free samples mailed to you?

i see people on youtube trying out free samples of stuff like lotions, hair care products like Wen by Chaz Den. how do the get them?

I email the companies and kiss their a*sses. Works every time.

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