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By Genevra Pittman | NEW YORK ( Health) - A few hits on the bong now and then don't seem to have any inimical effects on lung health, suggests a new study. Researchers found that multiple measures of lung role actually improved slightly

Programming note: For more about environmental health issues in the classroom, awake to Dr. Sanjay Gupta's report "Toxic Schools" on " Presents" tonight and Sunday at 8 pm and 11 pm ET on . () -- As a third-grader in Winsted, Connecticut,

People with medical conditions, including asthma, neurological and neuro-developmental issues, habitual lung disease, heart disease, blood disorders, endocrine disorders such as diabetes, kidney, liver disorders, metabolic disorders, a weakened invulnerable

Shortness of murmur is another symptom that can mean any number of things when it comes to men's health. It can signal a pluck attack or congestive heart failure. Or you might have a lung disease such as lung cancer, long-standing obstructive pulmonary

Pulmonary problems: More than lung cancer

ESCANABA -- Everyone at one time or another has found themselves short of breath. A few minutes rest, and we're back on our way.

For people battling lung diseases, that shortness of breath happens fast and usually takes longer than expected to recover from. Just ask Dan LaCosse, of Escanaba.

Dan found out that he had lung disease in an unexpected way. "It happened all one time. I slipped on the ice and cracked my ribs. And it's been that way ever since."

According to physical exercise therapist Lacey Prestay, lack of exercise is a cycle that's hard to break. "People, especially with COPD and pulmonary diseases like this - it starts off when people feel breathless. And then they stop doing activites that make them feel that way. And then they end up doing less - and then your muscles weaken, and it's just this vicious cycle."

Dan admits that part of his health problems come from his life choices. "I really didn't think about it. I was a smoker in the past. I was an iron worker, welder, painter, drywaller; everything that's hard on your lungs."

Medavie Blue Cross Partners With Lung Association to Tackle Lung Disease

OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- (Marketwired) -- 11/28/14 -- A new partnership between Medavie Blue Cross and the Canadian Lung Association will help link people living with or at risk of chronic respiratory disease to a country-wide network of respiratory care support and awareness services.

The partnership forms the basis of a new targeted disease management approach offered to private plan members and their families beginning in early 2015.

Medavie Blue Cross is the first insurance provider in Canada to introduce this as a new, extended health care benefit in group and individual health plans.

The Canadian Lung Association is the leading organization in Canada working to save lives, prevent and improve lung health through research, advocacy, education and support. With this new agreement, the Association will help Medavie Blue Cross mobilize accessible lung health professionals across the country.

Should preventable health problems of employees really be the responsibility of the company or business?

If people have health problems such as diabetes or other health issues caused by their own actions should the employer really have to pay for them to fix it? I

If for example someone got diabetes because they habitually over eat and refuse

Certainly a hot topic. Yet, remember that many health problems are not just by lifestyle choice, but influenced by environment and genetics. Therefore, it is somewhat presumptutous to imply that people with such conditions should bear the burden of

Yeah, I feel you. I have always believed that people should take responsibility for their own health rather than living un-healthy lifestyles and expecting the health care industry to "fix" them.
Unfortunately, in the current environment,

Certainly a hot topic. Yet, remember that many health problems are not just by lifestyle choice, but influenced by environment and genetics. Therefore, it is somewhat presumptutous to imply that people with such conditions should bear the burden of

For smokers how long did it take you to develop health problems?

For any smokers out there, how long have you been smoking cigarettes, how many cigarettes have you smoked a week, and do you have any health problems right now? I'm just curious to see how long it took to develop lung problems. I'm thinking of taking

Thank the good Lord I never did, pack a day for 37 years.

I quit 2 years ago. Yeah your afraid or you wouldnt be asking so quit.

my mother started smoking at 13 and has smoked about 2 packs a day and is 53 and does not have heath problems because it. on the other hand she has a friend who have never smoked and had lung cancer.

I've been smoking sense I was 17. I'm 27 now. No known health problems. I've had many physicals and I was told that I am in good health. .. Although they tell me I shouldn't smoke. I roller blade. Ride bikes. run up and down stairs. and I don't

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