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Diet May Reverse 30 Years of Blood Pressure Aging

Diet May Reverse 30 Years of Blood Pressure Aging The DASH diet is correspond to to what the American Heart Association recommends in guidelines for cardiovascular health and dietary administration of hypertension (Hypertension 2006;47:296-308). The DASH diet emphasizes poultry, fish, nuts, and beans rather than of

Lose weight before surgery patients told

Lose weight before surgery patients told These patients are much more credible to suffer serious breathing problems, get infections, have heart, kidney and lung complications. It also takes them longer to win and they have a higher risk of dying under anaesthetic. “So for these health

Paula Deen to donate portion of diabetes endorsements to charity

Paula Deen to donate portion of diabetes endorsements to charity "A more managerial approach would have been that once she was diagnosed with diabetes to really emphasize to her viewers the weight of eating a healthy diet," said Michael Jacobson, governing director of the Center for Science in the Public

Knowledge is power

Before investing in a health carefulness product, research the product to see if legitimate studies have been conducted to examine that the product does what it says it does. Many herbal products, health foods and clout loss products are not under Food and

This Is What Diseased Organs Really Look Like | Reader's Digest

Healthy, pink lungs work with your respiratory system to move fresh air into your body and expel carbon dioxide. Diseased lungs are inflamed and may be covered with scar tissue. What’s more, the healthy pink hue is gone and diseased lungs appear dark and ominous—especially in black lung disease, a.k.a. coalworkers’ pneumoconiosis. “Black lung disease occurs in coal miners who are overexposed to very small particles of dust created during the coal mining process,” explains Robert Cohen, MD , a clinical professor of environmental and occupational health sciences in the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health and Co-Director of the Black Lung Center of Excellence. “These particles are small enough to get into the lungs and cause damage.” The damage is similar to what is seen in smoking-related lung disease, he says. “Smoking and coal mining give toxic substances access to your lungs and causes lung damage that builds up over time.” While rates of this irreversible lung disease were declining for a time, there has been a pronounced uptick in recent years. “Coal miners are working longer hours so there is more exposure with less time to clear their lungs, and technology that has made mining more efficient has inadvertently increased risk because it creates silica dust from rocks, and silica is more toxic than coal,” he says. “There is no way to reverse the damage that has occurred, but avoiding future exposure, quitting smoking, and taking steps to protect lung health can stave off further damage,” he says.

Your knowledge of the relationships between such things as cigarette smoking and lung cancer and between diet?

a.biologists will continue to learn more about lung cancer and heart disease.
b.this knowledge will help you make better personal decisions regarding your health. will prepare you to be a health-care professional in the future.

E. All of the above

Wants to diet, health problems, help!?

Im 15 and im a uk size 12-14. I want to at least get down to a size 10 as im in my last year of high school and i want to look good in a dress for the school prom! I can easily diet, but i am unable to exercise due to heart and lung conditions. I have

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I lost loadsa weight by skipping lunch at school, i guess its jst those extra calories
Were supposed to have about 2000 aday i was probs having 1000-1500 and it dropped of, but it may have also been due to stress