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It's best to test for radon in winter

It's best to test for radon in winter It also will proliferation a smoker's chance of getting lung cancer. “This is about the health and safeness of you and your family,” DEP Commissioner Bob Martin said. “Through an mild and inexpensive test, the level of radon exposure in homes, apartments,

Bolton Valley's Snowshoe Shuffle to Raise Money and Support the American Lung ...

Bolton Valley's Snowshoe Shuffle to Raise Money and Support the American Lung ... Fundraising efforts tolerate the American Lung Association's mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung bug. Directly following the event, awards will be presented to the top three male and female runners as well as the top

Kane County Health Department: Check Your Radon This Month

Radon is a radioactive gas, estimated to reason as many as 20000 deaths from lung cancer each year throughout the United States. In act, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading effect of lung cancer in the US today,

Suicide attempt preceded homicide suspect's death

3:50 pm Homicide guess Antonio OJ Williams tried to kill himself on Oct. 31 by overdosing on methadone, which resulted in lung problems that at the last led to his death Monday, according to the Miami County coroner's job. Deputy Coroner John Boyer

Check your lung health, urges MP

Speaking at the Houses of Parliament after the test, Kate Green said: “Completing the BLF’s online ‘breath test’ is a really easy way of checking your lung health. I’d encourage everyone to try it. It’ll either give you peace of mind or start you on a path to helping you manage your breathlessness.”

“If you’re even slightly worried a loved one has been feeling increasingly short of breath – please make sure they take the test.”

More than 250,000 people have taken the test since it was launched last year. Over 70 per cent of those who took the test have had medically concerning levels of breathlessness.

The test can be found at:

Dr Penny Woods, CEO of British Lung Foundation said: “Our reception in Westminster gave us the opportunity to throw the spotlight on breathlessness, which can be a sign of lung disease.

“There are thousands of people in Stretford & Urmston with a lung condition, but not everyone’s aware they have one. It’s great to have support from Kate in encouraging people to ‘Listen to their lungs’ if they feel breathless. Together we can ensure that those people who are suffering with an undiagnosed lung condition seek help and get the support they need. With treatment, people can live longer, healthier lives.”

I want to get an over all health check up. Where do I go?

I want to get a check up for everything in one place. Like for skin cancer, lung health, Harmon, pretty much anything and everything you could think of. What client do I look for? It there any in the Bay Area SF CA? I just move to the area and I have

You need to make an appointment with a doctor and ask for a CBC work-up. They draw your blood and run different panels of test. You have to fast the night before.

How can I check if smoking has damaged my health seriously?

I just stopped smoking, I am 22 and I smoked for about 8 years on and off, now I am short of breath, how can I check if it has done any permanant damage to my health, also how can I check lung capacity etc..., how long should I be able to hold my breath

holding your breath doesnt mean much, you would need to do a lung capacity test, which you could have done at your doctors, by a nurse, its a tube like thing that you braeth into, you could also check tht you have normal blood pressure as smoking can

it has.

Dude, you're 22, & you smoked for 8 years.
You're screwed.