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psoriasis treatment that works

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Roche Faces First Trial of Claims Over Raptiva Psoriasis Drug Infections

The psoriasis treatment was approved for trafficking by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2003. Johnson's pack is the first of about 100 Raptiva suits that have been consolidated before Judge Steven Stone in state court in Oakland, California.

Psoriasis—skin condition due to immune disorder

For patients with forgiving or small areas of psoriasis, topical treatment in the form of creams or ointments, are chiefly used. The oldest one is a compound of coal tar and salicyclic acid, which can be bought without a drug.

Psoriasis raises heart disease risk

Psoriasis raises heart disease risk Krasuski said that treatment is customarily left to doctors depending on their specialty. So a cardiologist won't go into an inflammatory disease even if it's linked to a heart condition. Gelfand said patients with psoriasis can be treated a legions of ways

Treatment of psoriasis gets new hope

Researchers at Connectionöping University in Sweden are now launching a plan to effectively gift psoriasis. An estimated 125 million people worldwide suffer from the unyielding to treat disease, which manifests itself in scaly and often itchy patches on the

FDA Hits Valeant's Plaque Psoriasis Drug with a Complete Response Letter

The two studies enrolled a total of 418 patients, and demonstrated that Duobrii was consistently more effective in treatment success defined as at least a two-grade improvement in an Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) score, and “clear” or “almost clear” skin. In Study 1, it showed statistically significant superiority by week four and in Study 2, by week two. In both trials, by week eight, 35.8 percent and 45.3 percent, respectively, had hit the primary efficacy outcome.

“I’ve found that psoriasis patients may benefit from combination therapy with topical agents, many of whom are unsatisfied with current treatment options,” said Linda Stein Gold, director of Dermatology Clinical Research for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, in a statement in April. “DUOBRII is a fixed dose combination of halobetasol and tazarotene that has shown synergistic efficacy in the Phase II study. Efficacy was again demonstrated in the two Phase III studies versus vehicle with minimal side effects in a well-tolerated, patient preferred formulation.”

anyone have a treatment for psoriasis that works?

Anything on any treatments that are actually working for their psoriasis. i have had guttate for five months now and nothing is helping it!!

ive had it forever. every doc tells me it can treated but you can never get rid of it. which i dont understand. why.
well. what i found out. and some times my hands are not too bad. and other days they are not that great. but i eat a banana or

you can try reading john pagano's healing psoriasis. its about a diet to heal psoriasis but it is not a guarantee. science says psoriasis can't be cured but you can try this diet method to mediate the severity. good luck!

Does anyone know of a treatment that actually works for scalp psoriasis?

have you tried polytar liquid?

Wash your hair every 2 days with head and shoulders shampoo then condition it with pure castor oil.