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    Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative
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Psoriasis patients receive new treatments

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that incorporates elements of other alternative healing practices. "It's not a salt, but it's a way to manage stress because that's what causes breakouts when you get quite stressed out," said psoriasis patient Emily

Approval and Funding Granted for a Phase II Clinical Trial of Inecalcitol in ...

Word-of-mouth treatment of moderate-tosevere psoriasis by inecalcitol would be a major breakthrough as compared with older vocalized drugs such as cyclosporin, methotrexate or retinoids which are immunosuppressant or teratogenic.

Infliximab Switch Clears Psoriasis in Etanercept Nonresponders

Infliximab Switch Clears Psoriasis in Etanercept Nonresponders This manner "offers an alternative therapeutic paradigm for patients with psoriasis who do not respond to original treatment with a TNF [tumor necrosis factor]-alpha antagonist or those who lose feedback during anti-TNF-alpha treatment," the

Levia® Home Phototherapy Now Available in Canada for patients with Mild to ...

“We requirement to establish proven, UVB phototherapy as a practical, first line treatment alternative for the majority of patients with peaceable to moderate psoriasis,” said Gary Stapleton, President and Chief Managerial Officer, LMD. “UVB is well tolerated,

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Dermatology Department Now Offering Painless, Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic's Dermatology department will soon be offering Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT) for non-melanoma skin cancer treatments.

SRT is a non-invasive alternative to treating non-melanoma skin cancers. This low energy radiotherapy is used over the affected area, penetrating the skin with radiotherapy waves. Treatment is pain-free, only takes about 30 seconds, and has no downtime following the procedure. Sensus Healthcare, founder of the SRT technology, states, "When radiation interacts with a cancerous cell, it alters the cell's DNA (or genetic make-up) and its ability to reproduce, which ultimately leads to cell death in the cancerous tumor."

SRT has actually been in practice for many years. Surgery became more popular, and pushed aside this effective technology as an option.

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Dermatology is excited to be the only clinic in the area utilizing this technology. Dr. Kattine shares his thoughts on offering this new technology to the community, "SRT is a proven treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer that provides excellent cosmetic results with little to no restriction in daily activities." Further benefits include this as "an excellent alternative for patients who may not be a candidate for surgery," Dr. Kattine adds.

Alternative treatments for psoriasis?

I have a kid that developed psoriasis in several parts of the body. I already got some treatments from a couple of doctors but also researched about it in the net. Still, I feel that the medicine is not working as fast as we would like. I do know that

Rubbing chamonile tea on the body can reduce. Try it one night before the child goes to sleep. You'll see.

Good Luck!


My doctor recommended tanning beds at one time. It worked for my mom, but not for me. Just an idea...

alternative treatments for psoriasis?

I have psoriasis,It flared up month's ago,and there is no sign of it abating.Anybody else suffer with it?

As a child I had bad psoriasis for years on my scalp and nothing helped. I had to use oily creams and was so embarrassed at school. Then my dermatologist told me to use my morning urine, which is sterile and soak a cotton pad with it and apply it to my

my sister suffers from it and she as found when she uses the sunbeds it clears up.

I have it in my head and its awful. I use coal tar and it works for about a week then flares back up. There is nothing really. It is caused by nerves!!!!