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Psoriasis Treatment Market Analysis Revealing Key Drivers & Growth Trends through 2022

Market Insights

Psoriasis is a highly common chronic skin condition. Market Research Future’s (MRFR) in-depth market report on the  global psoriasis treatment market  has disclosed that the market is anticipated to witness a promising CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2022. The social stigma and discomfort that is associated with psoriasis is expected to promote swift market growth. Valued at USD 7 Bn at the beginning of 2016, the global market is expected to witness increased revenue which results in an approximate evaluation of over USD 10 bn by the end of the assessment period.

Rising awareness and screening for psoriasis is the leading factor driving growth in the demand for psoriasis treatment. This chronic condition is exacerbated by several factors which can vary from patient to patient, thus further increasing the demand for appropriate and effective treatment options. Increasing exposure to chemicals and polluted environments have resulted in an increase in the diagnosis of psoriasis. Presently, all treatment options are temporary in nature or need ongoing patient involvement with no concrete cure. Drugs for psoriasis treatment carry a high cost which will hamper market growth. However, increasing adoptions of alternative psoriasis treatments, and the race among market players to develop an effective psoriasis treatment solution will lead to market opportunities.

Alternative treatments for psoriasis?

I have a kid that developed psoriasis in several parts of the body. I already got some treatments from a couple of doctors but also researched about it in the net. Still, I feel that the medicine is not working as fast as we would like. I do know that

Rubbing chamonile tea on the body can reduce. Try it one night before the child goes to sleep. You'll see.

Good Luck!


My doctor recommended tanning beds at one time. It worked for my mom, but not for me. Just an idea...

alternative treatments for psoriasis?

I have psoriasis,It flared up month's ago,and there is no sign of it abating.Anybody else suffer with it?

As a child I had bad psoriasis for years on my scalp and nothing helped. I had to use oily creams and was so embarrassed at school. Then my dermatologist told me to use my morning urine, which is sterile and soak a cotton pad with it and apply it to my

my sister suffers from it and she as found when she uses the sunbeds it clears up.

I have it in my head and its awful. I use coal tar and it works for about a week then flares back up. There is nothing really. It is caused by nerves!!!!