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    The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome
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    DERMAREST Psoriasis Medicated Treatment Gel 4 OZ - Buy Packs and SAVE (Pack of 2)
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    • DERMAREST Psoriasis Medicated Treatment Gel 4 OZ - Buy Packs and SAVE (Pack of 2)

LEO Pharma A/S In-Licenses Promising Compound From Virobay Inc. for Oral ...

However, first and noted we hope to develop a safe oral treatment for the 125 million or so people worldwide who suffer from psoriasis," states Robert Stand, founder and CEO of Virobay. The scientific collaboration with Virobay is the latest

Dermatology Therapeutics Market to 2017 - Alopecia Market is Forecast to ...

The evolvement is primarily driven by the increase in the psoriasis market, which is attributed to increased tournament among the existing products and a strong pipeline with more emerging therapies. Acne is the largest supermarket segment, accounting for

Leo Pharma inks $300 million psoriasis deal with Virobay

Leo illustrious that a limited number of oral psoriasis treatments are already on the market, "but they have aptitude drawbacks in terms of adverse effects and a need for monitoring". As such, "a unhurt and convenient oral treatment thus addresses a

Incyte CEO Presents at 30th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (Transcript)

Lilly is advancing our deficient JAK1 and JAK2 inhibitor rheumatoid arthritis and now another indication moderate to severe psoriasis. I'm not prospering to have time to describe some of our earlier stage development of discovery programs and I hanker after to convey

Psoriatic Arthritis Management

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic, autoimmune, inflammatory form of arthritis that affects 5-25% of patients afflicted by the skin condition psoriasis. In almost 60% of PsA cases, it presents in a few joints (1-4) but becomes polyarticular as the disease progresses. Polyarthritis affects both sides symmetrically and in one out of three PsA patients, it is often associated with dactylitis and enthesopathy.

Up to 40% of patients eventually develop deformities of the affected joints that, however, remain functional. Severe joint damage is predicted by increase in the number of joints with swelling, high ESR, and duration of arthritis.

The management of psoriatic arthritis begins with making the right diagnosis. Apart from the clinical symptoms, diagnosis of PsA usually involves laboratory testing using ELISA or other testing methods to confirm the seronegative status of a patient with psoriasis. However, sometimes the arthritis precedes skin lesions. In such cases, the classifications of psoriatic arthritis (CASPAR) criteria are used to diagnose PsA in a patient, though early signs and symptoms are difficult to detect.

What is the latest treatment for psoriasis?

What about the Herose formula? Are there any testimonials of patients been cured with the Herose herbal formula ( ex.htm)?

You're link doesn't work... and the only thing that has ever worked for me is light-treatment...

PUVA-photochemotherapy combining a psoralen with long-wave ultraviolet irradiation (UVA), is the latest treatment; special lamps are required.The psoralen, generally metoxsalen (unlicensed) is used to enhace the therapeutic effect of the irradiation;

What are the Latest treatment for psoriasis & wh are the local (Miami, Hollywood Fl. using it?

if you have Psoriasis, getting relief for your skin is a top priority. While there is currently no cure, you can still get relief.

There a new natural product being advertised which is made with FDA-approved active ingredient.