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Top 5 Places for a Psoriasis Treatment Vacation

Top 5 Places for a Psoriasis Treatment Vacation This centre provides psoriasis treatment by using natural water from a nearby thermal spring in all their mineral baths and sprays. A patient can also drink their mineral-rich water, having body wraps that are rich in emollient, and getting massages

Trials demonstrate effective antibody-based treatment for psoriasis: AMAGINE-2 ...

Trials demonstrate effective antibody-based treatment for psoriasis: AMAGINE-2 ... The AMAGINE-2 and 3 trials were two identically designed trials conducted at nearly 300 different centers around the world. The trials compared brodalumab against ustekinumab, another antibody-based treatment for psoriasis, and placebo. Both trials 

New topical aerosol treatment for psoriasis vulgaris scores high in test

Perhaps the most valuable pearl discussed in the seminar, “Topical Therapy Pearls,” presented by Gary Goldenberg, M.D., Thursday, Oct. 1, at the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas, was a new topical combo treatment for psoriasis vulgaris

Antibody Treatment Efficacious in Psoriasis

Antibody Treatment Efficacious in Psoriasis Newswise — (NEW YORK –Oct. 1, 2015) An experimental, biologic treatment, brodalumab, achieved 100 percent reduction in psoriasis symptoms in twice as many patients as a second, commonly used treatment, according to the results of a multicenter The

Sprinkling of health centers tout benefits of salt therapy

Sprinkling of health centers tout benefits of salt therapy Salt therapy also has helped lessen the red patches from bouts of psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, said Susan Day of Fort Lauderdale, who recently has started going to Salt this Way for treatments. Her outbreaks aren't as large, and some are barely

Psoriasis severity may predict mortality

Individuals with psoriasis on more than 10% of their body surface area were at a significantly increased risk for mortality, according to recent findings.

Data for the prospective, population-based, cohort study were culled from The Health

Improvement Network database in the U.K. The investigators followed 8,760 individuals with psoriasis and 87,600 individuals without psoriasis.

Participating physicians were asked to confirm a diagnosis of psoriasis and to classify the severity of disease. Mortality was the primary outcome measure.

Results showed 125 deaths in the psoriasis group, for a rate of 3.35 fatalities per 1,000 person-years (95% CI, 2.81-3.99). For the nonpsoriasis group, 1,188 deaths were reported, for a mortality rate of 3.24 per 1,000 person-years (95% CI, 3.06-3.43).

There were 58 fatalities among patients with less than 3% body surface area (BSA) of psoriasis, 38 fatalities among these with 3% to 10% BSA psoriasis, and 29 fatalities among patients with more than 10% BSA psoriasis.

Psoriasis Treatment Centers in Bangalore?

Hi, Can anyone suggest me a good center for Psoriasis Treatment? I heard of Dr.Bhatras is good for hair related problems but not for skin related ones.

Well, I don't know about treatment centers in Bangalore, but I know a good treatment for Psoriasis nevertheless.

The treatment originates from the theory Psoriosis results in a liver inefficiency that makes it unable to filter all of the

dose anybody know anything about psoriasis (pronounced so-ri-is-is)!!?

my whole body is covered in psoriasis,its like all these really sore, red, dry, cracked patches on my skin.
my legs,belly and arms are all destroyed with it and untill not to long ago my face was destroyed with it too..but it slowly faded from

i`ve had it for around 34yrs and mine allways gets better in the summer then worse in the winter, it`s also stress related so being bullied is`nt helping helping you. there is no cure at present uv rays help greatly so get down to the tanning salon, after

go look on the redbush website (looks like a teabag site) read the info about using their stuff to clear skin conditions it really does work i used it a lot the soap is a little expensive but worth it

michelle email me i may well have the answer ,just click on my name.