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    Price: $14.99

    • ★Vitamin D cream included (8g)
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    • ★Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hemorrhoids, Acne, Athletes foot Treatment
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    Price: $59.98
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    • EFFECTIVELY REDUCE INFLAMMATION & PAIN WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS - Our proven advanced inflammation fighting formula is comprised of powerful natural anti-inflammatory & anti-bacteria calming properties known for targeting itch, dryness, scaling, redness and cracked skin. It's free of perfume, colorants, irritants, no animal testing, mineral oil or petrolatum.
    • ULTRA MOISTURIZING OINTMENT INSTANTLY END ITCH WITH LASTING RELIEF - No more scratching, this powerful natural cure provides fast acting sooth & deep hydration, effectively alleviate symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes, rosacea, irritation, hives & more.
    • NON COMEDOGENIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, LIGHT WEIGHT - A little goes a long way, made of natural and organic ingredients, our natural healing cream goes on without blocking pores, which is exactly what your skin needs to bring back the clearer, smoother, healthier complexion. Safe and gentle for children & adults, readily absorbed, for all skin types, cruelty free.
    • PREVENT FLARE UPS & INFECTIONS AT THE SOURCE - Our proprietary plant based natural formula contain concentrated nourishing nutrients, calming natural oils and healing botanical essences that rapidly penetrate the skin to repair and protect both on the surface and deep below so you get lasting results. It naturally rejuvenates, repairs and restores the skin barrier to bring it back to balance.
    • MADE IN USA WITH QUALITY & INTEGRITY - While we create our gentle yet effective natural products without adding any irritants, we strongly urge you to read the label first following PATCH TEST for compatibility prior to using any new topical products. If you are not completely happy with the results, simply contact us via Amazon we will process full refund immediately for your order.

For worry-free skin

For worry-free skin psoriasis — patchiness and scales on the flay. Earlier, his bed would be covered with scales in the morning. But since he started treatment, he is much better. The doctor says it's due to significance. Could you guide us? Are there home remedies he

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatments Becoming More Common For Treating ...

The object of the website is to educate, discuss treatments, review various supplements and call to mind reliable and natural treatments for treating inflammation conditions. Some of the natural remedies include natural ingredients from ginger, turmeric,

Detoxify naturally

It involves loosening and mobilising the toxins in an crack to eliminate them and is known to cure bronchial asthma, chronic allergies, Hay fever, psoriasis, acidity etc. Virechana is a medicated purgation remedial programme, which removes pitta toxins that are

Coping with sex addiction

Coping with sex addiction Guy Kennaway, British initiator of Sunbathing Naked and Other Miracle Cures, a memoir of how his battle with psoriasis lurched into genital addiction, was treated at The Meadows, a rehab centre in Arizona. Before treatment, “I saw sex everywhere,” he

8 Holistic Ways to Heal Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. It typically affects the outside of elbows, knees or the scalp, thought it can appear anywhere. It can be itchy, burn and sting, which can leave patients in discomfort. There are many treatments out there for psoriasis, however there is no cure.

Those with psoriasis struggle to find treatment plans that work best for them. Finding relief from the skin condition can be hard, but many have found great success in using various at-home, herbal remedies. These natural options provide a way to reduce redness, and relieve pain, itching and burning. Try these different options out to see what could possibly work for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

To help relieve scalp itch, apple cider vinegar may be a great way to go. You can buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar at your local grocery store and apply it to your scalp several times a week. Some people feel a burning sensation, so try diluting the vinegar with water on a 1-to-1 ratio to prevent this from happening. Others have found rinsing the solution once it has dried also helps to prevent irritation. If this works for you, you will see results within a few weeks. However, if your scalp is cracked or bleeding you will want to skip this remedy. The vinegar will only further irritate your skin.

PSORIASIS-Fast Natural Treatment?

My partner currently has an explosion of Psoriasis (red,itchy skin rash)....has had Biopsy...not fungal...urgently needs a natural remedy (receipe) to apply to ease her sufferring...thank you.
p.s. please no autoreply...real answers please

Mix 4 tablespoon of turmeric powder with some warm water to get a thick paste. Add 10 drops of geranium essential oil. Mix well. Apply on the affected area and let it dry before rinsing with water.

I need help with psoriasis treatment?

a person i know has psoriasis in his groin area and i was wondering if there are any natural remedies to help treat it? he also has it on his forearms and fingers. any suggestions on how to treat it with natural/homemade remedies?

Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments available on the Internet - some of them do actually work. For my psor. I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they then stay clear for months

Bath solutions and moisturizers, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly may help soothe affected skin and reduce the dryness which accompanies the build-up of skin on psoriatic plaques. Medicated creams and ointments applied directly to psoriatic plaques can

Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments available on the Internet - some of them do actually work. For my psor. I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they then stay clear for months