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Quality and quantity – why Japanese cosmetics are poised to take the K-beauty crown

K-beauty has been an international obsession for what seems like years now but, as the full-year results poured in for fiscal 2017, it looked very much like the star of the global beauty scene’s shine was wearing off. AmorePacific saw profits plunge 76.2 percent as Chinese tourists voted on the THAAD crisis with their feet while LG has warned that Trump’s protectionist policies will affect its performance in the first quarter of this year.

But hold the phone – last week, Shiseido announced a new strategic plan , having smashed its ¥1 trillion sales target three years ahead of schedule. Is this a sign that consumers everywhere are poised to dump their Korean cushions in favor of J-beauty?

A study conducted by L2 certainly suggests this is the case – at least as far as Chinese shoppers are concerned. Its Digital IQ Index: Beauty China report reveals that J-beauty brands saw sales growth and digital visibility increase faster over 2017 than their K-beauty counterparts. Indeed, Japanese brands Kanebo, Sekkisei, Pola, DHC, Fancl, Dr Ci.Labo and Kate all saw their brand mentions soar on RED.