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Barefaced Mineral Cosmetics Natural Lipstick

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    BareFaced Beauty Natural Mineral Lipstick, Copper Rose
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    Price: $78.28

    • BareFaced Beauty Natural Mineral Lipstick, Copper Rose
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    BareFaced Beauty Natural Mineral Lipstick, Chocamocha

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    Price: $61.21

Make your make-up last all day, cover scars and wear make-up with glasses

Start by giving eyes definition, says Emily Clarkson, who works with Superdrug Opticians. ‘Blend a kohl liner into the lash line and add lots of mascara to give your eyes more definition.

‘If you wear square-shaped glasses, lightly shade the cheekbones and add a small amount of blush to the apples of the cheeks to soften the look.

‘If you have smaller glasses, defining your eyebrows can really help frame your face. Use a light colour and gently distribute this through the brows.

‘Other tricks are to use a nude kohl liner along the lower, inner lash line and flick darker eyeliner on the upper lash line to really draw attention to your eyes.

‘Finally, balance your features with bold lip colours.’

For those with smaller eyes, Vanesa Guallar, make-up artist for Boots Seventeen, recommends eye shadows in light, pearl tones, as darker shades can make eyes appear even smaller.