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Barefaced Mineral Cosmetics Natural Lipstick

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    BareFaced Beauty Natural Mineral Lipstick, Chocamocha

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    Price: $25.86

Apparently, Athleisure Beauty is Now a Thing

Makeup is built for performance. These active beauty brands boast that their products are sweat-resistant enough to make it through the sweatiest Bikram class. “I wanted eyeliner that I could do hot yoga in. That's how Sport Beauty came about,” says Annie Finch, founder of Katherine Cosmetics , the company she launched in 2013 after spending 23 years working at Estée Lauder.

When she first floated the idea of sporty makeup, she got some pushback. “Everyone around me was like, that's a stupid idea. Nobody wears makeup to work out. I was like oh, yeah, we do. We just don't talk about it.” So why not produce makeup that can actually handle working out, she decided.

Similarly, Rae’s Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20 moisturizer is water-resistant enough to not get all over your shirt while you sweat, and it won’t clog your pores. And Sweat Cosmetics , a line whose founders include Olympians and professional athletes who wanted long-lasting makeup they could wear for televised games, tests all its products with dermatologists.