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sunless tanning reviews 2011

Fake your way to the tan

Although we try our best, living in a climate like the UK means the chance of getting a natural tan is incredibly slim. Whilst at the slight sign of sun many strip off to try and catch the fleeting rays, the sun usually only lasts approximately three minutes and we are left shivering in a state of partial undress.

What’s a girl to do when she is faced with the unreliability of the British summer but is desperately seeking a tanned complexion? As sensible adults sun beds are out of the question, therefore we are left with only one option: fake tan. I have regularly been told that I am lucky that I have a natural tan to which I point out is absolutely not the case.

When I bought my first Mac foundation in 2011, I was told that I needed the lightest shade they sold but for the past four years it seems that I have managed to mislead those around me to believe that my tan is all natural.

Admittedly I have managed to top my natural tan at lengthy intervals over the past few years but the everyday maintenance is all down to my trusty combination of fake tan products.