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sunless tanning reviews 2011

Best fake tan: Get that healthy sun-kissed glow from as little as £5.49

A golden tan may look great, but there’s nothing likeable about skin-damaging, age-revving UV rays – so a safe faux glow is unquestionably the better option. And thanks to new product technologies, we’ve never been so lucky with our choice of tanners. Gone are the orange, one-tan-suits-all formulas of ten years ago; now there are fast-drying mousses, overnight masks and gradual tanning moisturisers, to name a few, that aim to give a natural glow and suit all skin types and lifestyles.

Which should you choose, though? Which one leaves the most natural finish? Are there specific tanners that don’t streak, or have that typical fake tan smell? And which tanners leave you less sticky and more hydrated? Read on to discover the ones worth investing in.

How to buy the best fake tan for you What type of fake tan should I buy?

The first thing to think about is whether you want to tan your face or body. Body tanners are usually too deep for the face, so you really need one product for each. Consider how you want to apply it, too: if you want to build up your glow slowly, choose a gradual tanning moisturiser which provides a gentle transition with daily hydration. If you’re looking for a one-shot treatment, you might prefer to opt for a fast-dry mousse – or, for an instant glow, a spray or a more cosmetic wash-off formula. Whichever type you choose, check the instructions on the packaging so that you know how much time is required for both application and results.