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Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Invites New Airbrush Tanning Students To Their Connecticut Location

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is pleased to announce that their newly launched Connecticut branch is now accepting new airbrush tanning students for the month of March. Their most recent certified airbrush tanning student Tanya Merentis came from New York and is presently setting up her own independent airbrush tanning business under the guidance of the academy. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has expanded to Connecticut to cope with the high demand for their hands-on airbrush tanning training program. The academy’s former student Tammy Becker now serves as the trainer in this new location.

A resident of Carmel, New York, Tanya Merentis had previously attended another airbrush tanning training program before coming to the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. However, she felt her training was incomplete because she did not have the opportunity to spray tan models. Tanya mentioned that she was overwhelmed with all the information she got from the academy and was very happy with the training she received from Tammy. Like all students at the academy, Tanya is receiving continued help and support from the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy while setting up her spray tanning business.