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'Amusement only' slots thrive in gray area

Wes Ehrecke, president of the Iowa Gaming Relationship in West Des Moines, worked with casino operators to challenge a decision by the Iowa Sweepstake Authority in 2004 to invite businesses to install slot-like machines. More than 6700 TouchPlay devices

In a wasteful world, one KC couple tries to live a 'zero-trash' lifestyle

In a wasteful world, one KC couple tries to live a 'zero-trash' lifestyle Except perhaps for the grandmother who lives in Des Moines — the one who commented, “You're getting a not much weird, aren't you?” when she learned of Sundermeier's no-Canadian junk commitment. Sundermeier says when she encounters that kind of reaction she solely

Three new businesses at former country club

Inside of the center, you can find Spinal Solutions, Ertl’s longtime chiropractic business, DeVyne Solutions Salon featuring stylist Jessica Ellis and Kim Johnson serving up breakfast and lunch at The Breakfast Club Cafe. Also located on the property and owned by Ertl is The Gingerbread House Daycare and Preschool which opened in 2014.

“Get your hair done, get life adjusted, it’s a wellness place for people to come including a place for people to gather,” Johnson said.

Ertl has been working to bring the wellness center to life for more than two years. She visited several locations before landing at the former country club. Even after finding a location, she had an uphill battle to get the former restaurant and clubhouse in working order.

With years of hard work put into the location, she is finally ready to open her doors and welcome the community of Newton in.

At Spinal Solutions, Ertl and her new associate Dr. Matt Cross are offering the same services they provided at their former location, including popular spinal decompression. The nonsurgical spinal rehabilitation program is for chronic conditions of the spine. Ertl also treats patients with disc disease, sciatica, stenosis, radiculopathy and other painful spinal disorders.