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What do Grand Rapids tanning salons think of the New Jersey mom accused of taking 5-year-old into tanning bed?

Mary Harrison, the manager at Copper Sun, 1971 East Beltline Ave. NE, said she found the whole situation unbelievable.

"I saw that clip on the news this morning," Harrison said of Krentcil's story, which was making the rounds of the morning talk shows and newscasts today. "I can't believe a salon owner would let that kid go in with that mother."

She said she requires all tanners to be 16, and even then, requires a waiver from parents before they are allowed to go tanning.

Jamie Rau, the manager at Tropi Tan, 3989 Cascade Road SE, said everyone who tans in Michigan must be at least 13 and have parental consent.

Still, she's never had an issue with parents bringing in underage children to go tanning.

"I'd just inform them of what the law is," she said, if a parent brought in a child younger than 13. "Our youngest tanner is 16, and we have a few 16, 17, 18 year-olds getting ready for prom."