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    SmartGuard Premium Cleaner Crystals –(3 Months Supply)- Removes Stain, Plaque & Bad Odor from Dentures, Clear Braces, Mouth Guard, Night Guard & Retainers.
    Beauty (SmartGuard Rx Inc.)

    SmartGuard Rx Inc.

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    Price: $16.80
    You Save: $2.19 (12%)

    • 1. 110 CLEANINGS: TMJ MOUTHGUARDS: Any Mouth Guards biteplate made for grinding teeth, for relief of symptoms of jaw pain are safe to clean with SmartGuard.
    • 2. NIGHT GUARD: These Cleaning Crystals will not turn cloudy soft clear oral appliances. Keep your bruxism Mouth nightguard fresh and like new with a mint taste. REPLACE YOUR Efferdent, Polident, Kleenite brands or Joy4less Ultrasonic for a safer option.
    • 5. DOES NOT CONTAIN FDA banned ingredients which cause allergic reactions. Does not cause side affects like tissue damage, rashes, hives or irritation, gum tenderness or bleeding, sore throat, blisters or stomach pain. Does not leave a bad film or residue on your oral appliance.
    • 3. DENTURES: Super Secure Dentures: MIX one packet in a 1/2 cup of water to renew and clean tarter plaque buildup and bad odor breath from full plate dentures, partial (even Valplast). Each packet cleaning solution lasts 7-10 days. If effervescent cleansers have ruined your soft liner denture, this cleaner will be safe with antibacterial professional strength solution cleaner.
    • 4. CLEAR BRACES: When tested by soaking Invisalign clear retainer braces in the SmartGuard cleaning crystals for 336 hours straight, the new brite clean clear retainer did not burn or turn the plastic retainer cloudy or leave a residue on Invisalign tray. WARNING...Do Not do this with other cleaners. Protect your expensive investment and clean with SmartGuard.

    Aveeno Fragrance Free Soothing Bath Treatment, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)
    Beauty (Aveeno)


    List Price: $20.97
    Price: $21.99

    • Made from 100% natural colloidal oatmeal
    • Gently cleans, no soap necessary; #1 Dermatologist-recommended bath treatment
    • Soaking for 15 to 20 minutes in Aveeno Bath can help soothe your sensitive skin
    • Please read all label information on delivery
    • For prompt, temporary relief of itchy, dry, sensitive skin due poison ivy, sunburn, eczema, and more

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Another Bizarre Find is Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatments. These oatmeal-based treatment packets supply instant relief for itchiness. Whether a patient is suffering from xerosis, eczema or hives, I introduce Aveeno Bath Treatments for pruritis reduction

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Have Eczema? No Need for Bleach Baths, Study Suggests

THURSDAY, Dec. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Bathing in water is just as effective for the treatment of eczema as bathing in a bleach solution, a new review of previous research indicates.

Doctors sometimes recommend a bleach bath, which is a mixture of a small amount of bleach in a pool of cool or warm water . But investigators say the finding should encourage people with eczema to bathe regularly with just water, without fear of drying out their skin . It should also help people avoid the stinging and burning that can come with a bleach bath.

"I don't know if it throws the baby out with the bathwater, but bleach baths lack the evidence to support how commonly they are being recommended," said senior author Dr. Jonathan Silverberg. "The water baths appear to be doing most of the heavy lifting. If bleach is adding any benefit, it's quite modest."

Silverberg is an assistant professor of dermatology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago and director of its Multidisciplinary Eczema Center.

Need help finding hive relief.?

I am 13 years old and I had an chest cold and was put on augmentin but after being on it for a few days I had an allergic reaction and now I am covered in hives from head to toe. i have been taking prednidone and benadryl and also applying caladryl but

Sounds crazy, but I put toothpaste on most skin irritations. Something about the flouride mixing with other chemicals can relieve irritation and itching. Plus it makes you smell minty fresh. Make sure to use the paste, not the gel kind. Try it on

Have you tried Reactine?

try advil

Is it possible to have an allergy to bath soap?

I've always slightly broken out with small red bumps after bathing. Latley it has gotten quite a bit worse. I get tons of red splotches and hives on entire torso as well as the top of my arms. What causes it and is there any relief. I've tried just about

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to bath soap. It's possible to be allergic to anything. Maybe the soaps you use are too harsh for the skin. You could try looking for ones that are for sensitive skin. You could also try using soap made for babies. If

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to bath soap. It's possible to be allergic to anything. Maybe the soaps you use are too harsh for the skin. You could try looking for ones that are for sensitive skin. You could also try using soap made for babies. If

i'm allergic to ivory soap. try some of those glycerine soaps, the clear kind. or for sensitve skin maybe.