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    Alocane® Severe Sunburn Gel 2.5 oz.
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    • Alocane does not contain any skin irritants such petroleum or mineral oils, which can trap heat and slow down the body's natural healing process
    • Alocane features the maximum percentage (4%) of Lidocaine Hydrochloride topical anesthetic allowed by the US FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) for use as an OTC (Over-The-Counter) product.
    • Alocane can be used for other skin related issues such as shingles, hives and chaffing.
    • Alocane Severe Sun Burn Gel is a water-based formula which quickly absorbs deep into the layers of skin.
    • Cools and rehydrates skin. Assist in the healing of sunburned skin. Aloe Gel Provides Quick soothing relief from itch and burning sensations. Vitamin E promotes healing with the formation of less scar tissue. 4% Lidocaine Hydrochloride for pain relief

    Dr. Sheffield's Anti-Itch Extra Strength 1.25 oz (Pack of 2)
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    Dr. Sheff

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HEALTH: Warm weather, strong winds create a 'perfect allergy storm'

Allergies, however, may represent sneezing, dripping noses, itchy hives and an increased cough, with confident mucous, and hang around for a month. Offenberger recommended over-the-counter antihistamines such as Claritin, Allegra or Zyrtec, or their generic

Local Hungry Families Helped By Urban Farmer

Terry currently cares for three egg-laying hens and two hives of bees at his accessible in his Broadmoor neighborhood. He is doing so illegally, but not entirely hidden from town authorities. (Two city council members have actually been into his yard,

Fantastic Finds for Patients

These oatmeal-based treatment packets lend instant relief for itchiness. Whether a patient is suffering from xerosis, eczema or hives, I support Aveeno Bath Treatments for pruritis reduction. I recommend that patients dip in a lukewarm bath for 15

About to go won't stop!!!!?

I have been having problems with hives lately(as you can probably tell from my previous questions on here) but it has gotten really bad lately. They started from a small strip on my forearm to nearly covering my forearm! They itch so much! I've tried

You have sun poisoning, and it's only going to get worse with continued exposure to the sun. Aloe Vera may help to alleviate some symptoms. I would get some benedryl and take that as directed as well. The benedryl should help. You need a strong sunscreen,

Look in youre phone book for a free clinic or even a hot line nurse #.Most of them have this.

Yes you can wear long sleeved light color shirts in the sun. In very hot sunny country's this is done all the time. Try Benadryl to relieve your itching.

Been sick for a month, taken antibiotics yet still very sick! Help!?

As stated from the title, I have been sick for 3-4 weeks. It started as a simple sore throat and now I'm waking up in the morning with stuffy nose, a runny nose / constant sneezing throughout the day, and congestion at night with on and off coughing.

Your problem is that you are taking medicine with fever reducers (Equate and ThermaFlu)

If your body has a fever, it is good in the sense that the fever will kill the bacterial organisms / virus. When you take fever reducers, this prevents

Bad colds take a while to get over.If you have taken the antibiotics then perhaps you need some more .All You can do is rest and drink plenty of fluid.

You really need to see an allergist. The hives aren't normal, nor are your symptoms. You can try continuing the Zyrtec, but you need an allergy specialist.