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The BEE'S Knees

In addition to supporting your community, buying local honey ensures you’re getting the product you paid for. Marilyn Young of Lark Bee Company and former president of Jacksonville Beekeepers Association explained, “There are a lot of pests and diseases that bees can get, just like people … As a small beekeeper, I try to check my hives for the presence of those pests and diseases …

“[But] when you’re buying that commercial honey, you may have a bigger increase to those types of treatments and bee diseases. There’s also some reports of non-honey being processed and sold as honey, coming in from other countries. There’s been questionable content about what’s actually in the bottle.”

For local beekeepers, the health and quality of their bees is very important–they work to produce honey that is as natural and preservative-free as possible. Lark Bee Company offers natural