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    Nano-Ojas Skin Spray 1 fl. oz Fast Relief for Cold Sores, Shingles, Blisters, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hives, Bites, Stings, Rashes, Skin Wounds and Injury. Nano Formula Alleviates Pain and Heals Skin.
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    Price: $120.00

    • POWERFUL PATENTED FORMULA places Nano-Ojas Skin Spray among the most significant advances in skin health today. Works immediately to alleviate irritation, itching, and sensitivity. Our proven formula is composed of powerful policosanols that penetrate right away to soothe dryness, scaling, redness, and itchy or cracked skin. Safe and gentle for babies and small children, or for teens and adults with ultra-sensitive skin.
    • STOP THE MISERY that comes from painful and unsightly skin issues and start restoring the health of your largest organ. Nano-Ojas Skin Spray is natural skin care that works from the inside out to address minor to complex skin problems. Say goodbye to embarrassing rashes, painful blisters, scaly or inflamed skin. This versatile skin spray protects and soothes problematic skin. Simply spray directly onto area of concern, and use daily to combat all types of skin damage and irritation.
    • NON-TOXIC AND PLANT-BASED, Nano-Ojas Skin Spray is a convenient, easy-to-use spray that is non-greasy and easily absorbed. This safe, plant-based formula is free from toxic chemicals, fragrances, known irritants, and artificial colors. As a unique formula targeted toward skin comfort, this natural solution helps soothe and moisturize dry, damaged skin. The whole family can benefit from Nano-Ojas Skin Spray without being subjected to toxins, unwanted ingredients, or harsh chemicals.
    • FEED YOUR SKIN CELLS. Aging is often slowed or reversed when tissues and organs get the important nutrition they need. What we nourish our bodies with directly affects the skin, and the same goes for what we put onto our skin. As we age, our bodies quit producing adequate amounts of key natural chemicals necessary for proper cell turnover to help us stay youthful. Nano-Ojas Skin Spray is designed to promote healthy tissue and regenerate damaged skin as it nourishes on a cellular level.
    • MADE IN SWITZERLAND in a state-of-the art production facility that pays strict attention to delivering superior quality, Nano-Ojas products are manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure all safety and quality standards are met. All products are tested both before and after production to confirm quality, consistency, reliability, and potency.

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Unusual honeybee die-offs have become so severe that some US beekeepers will ...

Unusual honeybee die-offs have become so severe that some US beekeepers will ... It also found neonics in the waste matter of unplanted fields nearby those planted with Bt corn, on dandelions growing cheese-paring those fields, in dead bees found near hive entrances, and in pollen stored in the hives. Mark already pointed to the presence of

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Hydrocodone Without Acetaminophen & 10 Times Stronger Than Vicodin Being Created Zohydro uses Alkermes' patented Spheriodal Word-of-mouth Drug Absorption System (SODAS®) drug delivery technology which serves to amplify the release profile of hydrocodone to provide consistent 12-hour torture relief relative to existing immediate release

Make a Beauty Resolution in 2012

It's trusty… stress causes hives, breakouts, and even premature wrinkles if not managed fittingly. I'll keep up that yoga habit this year and maybe add some breathing exercises and meditation when I can't hit the mat. Or dialect mayhap I'll just get pedicures

Short story: 'The Last Speed Run'

It was like an energized shock, followed by the numbness you experience when your arm falls asleep, a sense of touch that is like the sound of a hive of bees. Grendel is calling and the back of my neck goes crawly. "You feel all right, kid?

How Misha Collection grew from a $100 side business to a multi-million dollar global fashion icon

.  “I was advertising through Facebook and set up a Facebook store, which was new back then. I started with $100 and any money I made I reinvested into Facebook. I didn’t even have a website.

“I did this until I got to a point where I wanted to explore other opportunities. I looked at what dresses I could import. The trend at the time was the bandage dresses - celebrities were wearing them - so I imported them and that was extremely successful.

“I accumulated the money so I could design my own collection. I started with three styles, and they sold out in two weeks, so I did a larger collection of 12 styles.”

It was about that time Aznavorian realised she needed a website. Fortunately, clear brand vision meant marketing efforts resonated with the right customers, at the right time.

“My whole strategy has always been shoot campaigns, use models and ensure the packaging and labelling - even down to the execution of the swing tags - creates a feeling

i have a bad case of hives and need help fast?

i have broke out with horrible hives that are very painful i think it is from nerves i have been taking benadryl but need more relief any suggestions? i am miserable



I got treated for allergic hives, but something isn't right. Please read! What are your opinions?

Tuesday evening I got bad allergic hives on my body because of the laundry detergent my mom used to wash clothes. I didn't go to the emergency room till Thursday afternoon, I just rode it out with over the counter Benadryl till that didn't help no longer.

I'll share my experience with Prednisone. This stuff is worse than drinking battery acid. Good doctors use it only as a last resort because it is so terrible. Side effects: Prednisone gave me Cushing's Syndrome - which for guys means a lot of bad things,