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    Blossom Balm - Multipurpose All Vegan Skin Care Formula For Wounds, Burns, Shingles, Hives, Eczema, Psoriasis, Fungal Infections and More - Instant Relief From Pain, Itch, Redness and Swelling
    Beauty (Blossom)


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    Price: $18.49
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    • 100% GUARANTEED! "Does this come with a money back guarantee? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 180 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you're thrilled, or we don't want your money! See why Amazon customers rate our Blossom Balm 5-Stars!"
    • EFFECTIVE! Some Doctors don't want to hear that all natural remedies like this can work better than their pharmaceutical medications. Blossom is all natural all vegan and effective. It contains no chemicals or antibiotics which is great because you don't have to worry about harsh skin reactions that can happen by using OTC chemical laden treatments.
    • BREAKTHROUGH! "Because the product is a Proprietary Synergistic Blend of Vegan Ingredients you'll see that it is dramatically more effective for most skin conditions. This is great for you because you get faster, longer lasting relief from pain and itching, while improving the condition of wounds, burns, rashes, and dry skin."
    • STRONG! "Blossom is a concentrated balm not a watered down cream. The problem with a cream is it lacks beneficial ingredients because it is mostly water. Some creams and lotions are as much as 80% water. Our product solves that problem! Why? That's because there is no water added, it consists of only beneficial ingredients. Which also means this organic remedy will work better to eliminate your skin condition. Never pay for a watered down skin care therapy again!"
    • REMARKABLE RESULTS! "If you've been looking for multipurpose skin care management then your search is over! That's because our formula is synergistic producing an effect greater than the sum of it's individual ingredients. Which means that it supplies better results on a multitude of skin conditions. Which also means that you will save money because you only have to buy one product for your medicine cabinet or first aid kit!

    Emu Joy Bug Bite Stick - All Natural Fast Relief for Bug Bite Itch, Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings, Poison Ivy, Cuts, Scrapes & Chapped Skin with On the Go Stick
    Health and Beauty (Emu Joy)

    Emu Joy

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    • STOPS ITCH AND PAIN FAST thanks to the deep penetrating power of emu oil. Emu oil absorbs into the skin faster and better than any other oil because it's so similar in composition to our own skin oil. This makes it the perfect base oil to carry the other anti itch and skin soothing ingredients with it for MAXIMUM EFFECT
    • DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT - Keep yourself, your family, kids and your friends itch free with the On the Go Stick. Available in a MONEY-SAVING 3-PACK so you'll always have one handy. Keep them in your back pack, purse, first aid kit, tackle box, saddle bag, medicine cabinet and travel kit.
    • MORE USES - bumps, bruises, small cuts, scratches, chapped lips, sunburn, minor campfire burns, dry skin, CPAP machine nose sores, poison ivy and oak, eczema and other bites like chigger, flea, spider mite, gnat, bed bug, no-see-um and horse fly
    • SAFE & EASY FOR CHILDREN TO CARRY & APPLY THEMSELVES - It's the perfect bug bite thing to bring to camp. Works for bites, bumps, bruises and scratches. This all natural treatment is solid like a lip balm, so there's NO DRIPPY MESS, NO ODOR and NO STING when applying, and it's completely natural and safe for all ages.
    • STOP ITCHY BITES FROM RUINING YOUR FUN - Handy pocket size twist up stick is easy to carry so you can always be prepared when insect bites happen (and they always do!) If you or someone you know is sensitive or allergic to mosquito bites this convenient itch reliever will be YOUR NEW FAVORITE SUMMER FIND

If Kissing or Sex Leaves You Tingly, Is It Love or Allergies? Intimate ...

Symptoms allow for swelling of the lips or throat, rash, hives, itching and wheezing. Food allergies perturb about 2 to 3 percent of adults and 5 to 7 percent of children in the US population, or more than 7 million people, according to the ACAAI.

HEALTH: Warm weather, strong winds create a 'perfect allergy storm'

Allergies, however, may effective sneezing, dripping noses, itchy hives and an increased cough, with complete mucous, and hang around for a month. Offenberger recommended over-the-counter antihistamines such as Claritin, Allegra or Zyrtec, or their generic

Hydrocodone Without Acetaminophen & 10 Times Stronger Than Vicodin Being Created

Hydrocodone Without Acetaminophen & 10 Times Stronger Than Vicodin Being Created Painful allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the coffer; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); bloody, shameful, or tarry stools; blurred vision; change in the amount of urine produced; trunk pain; confusion;

How to deal with common summer skin conditions

Here are a few common skin conditions that can quickly sideline summer fun.

Plant-related rashes

Many people are allergic to and develop an intensely itchy, red, blistering, rash to urushiol, an oil found in poison ivy , oak and sumac.

Exposure occurs when you touch the plant directly, maybe while gardening, or indirectly, by touching an object that's picked up the oil like a shoe. You can spread the oil wherever you touch your body. Dermatologists say the allergic reaction continues to happen even after you've washed off the oil.

It is not contagious, though you may feel like it's spreading and may last for several weeks. According to doctors, the best treatment is a prescription-strength topical steroid, and an oral steroid for extreme cases.

The best way to avoid this itchy rash is to learn what these plants look like and avoid them.

Heat rash

When you perspire a lot, your clothing or even the material of a chair you're sitting on can block some of the openings in your skin that allow sweat to escape. This causes inflammation and tiny itchy bumps.

How can I get some relief from my constant itching?

I have chronic hives that have worsened over the past 2 days. I have been eating very basic things like toast, and drinking water in case it is a food allergy. Some days eating little to nothing. I have been to the doctor once and received a steroid treatment

If you are allergic to foods I wouldnt be eating toast at all.. your probably allergic to enriched flours. Drop that ingredient. I would eat just veggies for a week..... keep up your calories then add fruit back to your diet...then fish... then meats......

If you are allergic to foods I wouldnt be eating toast at all.. your probably allergic to enriched flours. Drop that ingredient. I would eat just veggies for a week..... keep up your calories then add fruit back to your diet...then fish... then meats......

my horse gets hives every summer!?

i have a horse that gets hives every summer, he is always itching and often makes himself bleed. does anyone know somenthing that could help my horse get some relief from his itching? thanks so much!

Hi there.

The best thing to do it talk to your vet. Your vet may be able to give you a cream or pills for your horse.

I hope I helped.

sounds like an allergy,you should talk to your vet and see what you can do,maybe there are horse allergy pills?

Hi my horse had the same problem last summer and i was very nervous he was going to get sick. do you show him because i show my horse and i have to give him a bath with soap and everything and i found out he was allergic to the type of soaps i used. Another