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    Redness Relief Face Moisturizing Cream With Colloidal Oatmeal Organic Shea Butter For Rosacea & Eczema Skin Care, Natural Facial Moisturizer Soothe Itchy Sensitive Dry Skin Anti Itch Treatment Lotion
    Health and Beauty (THENA Natural Wellness)

    THENA Natural Wellness

    List Price: $29.28
    Price: $29.28

    • RAPID RELIEF LONG LASTING HYDRATION - Instantly calm & soften dry, tight, itchy skin, provide immediate relief from stinging, itching, pain sensations, deeply hydrate, moisturize and protect inflamed skin damaged skin, prevent future flare ups & skin irritation.
    • RELIEVE INFLAMMATION WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS - Our proven advanced natural inflammation fighting formula is comprised of powerful natural anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-irritant & anti inflammatory calming properties that specifically target reactive skin: organic aloe vera, white willow bark, calendula, chamomile, colloidal oatmeal, licorice, feverfew extract, clary sage and witch hazel.
    • MADE IN USA WITH QUALITY & INTEGRITY - While we create our gentle yet effective natural products without adding any irritants, we strongly urge you to read the label first following PATCH TEST for compatibility prior to using any new topical products. If you are not completely happy with the results, simply contact us via Amazon we will process full refund immediately for your order.
    • COMBAT SKIN SENSITIVITY & RESTORE HEALTHY RADIANT SKIN AT THE SOURCE - Our proprietary plant based essential oil blend contains healing nutrients similar to those found naturally in skin to actively regenerate new skin cell growth and increase collagen production in the dermis layer of your skin, strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier, restore visibly hydrated, softer, balanced healthier skin.

    Allergy Relief Essential Oil For Sinus Infection & Allergies Supports Breathing, Sinusitis, Congestion, Respiratory System - 100% Pure Organic Natural Therapeutic Grade - 15ml Blend by Cure Oils
    Health and Beauty (Cure Oils)

    Cure Oils

    List Price: $23.95
    Price: $23.95

    • TREATS MULTIPLE RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: For a cold, cough, allergies, flu, asthma or bronchitis, ALLERGY 3 can ease your symptoms. Even if you suffer from something more serious such as sinus infection or sinusitis, pneumonia, or a lung infection, our blend brings relief without the drowsiness associated with drugs in the daytime; and by easing your symptoms and reducing coughs, ALLERGY 3 makes it so much easier for you to sleep at night.
    • THE CURE WITH BEST RESULTS: When you use ALLERGY 3, you'll feel it infuse your lungs with relief. Its camphorous-scented ingredients ease the inflammation and irritation that causes swelling and blocks the airways; it reduces the concentration of mucus that causes you to feel stuffed up and uncomfortable. This blend will help reduce itchy or watering eyes, congestion, swelling and hives caused by allergies.
    • ALLERGIES SOLUTION: The causes of stuffiness and congestion can be found anywhere and everywhere from a change of seasons. That's why we've brought you ALLERGY 3, an all-natural, 100% organic blend that fights back against the germs and allergies that compromise healthy breathing. It engages the body with a comforting spicy-and-savory scent that signals the relief to follow. Used in immunotherapy. It reduces mucous production and cleanses the lymphatic system makes it useful for allergies.
    • CONTAINING FINEST INGREDIENTS & ITS USE: The CURE Essential Oils blend includes organic PEPPERMINT and LAVENDER, which act quickly for immediate relief, as well as LEMON, which combines their naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic and antiallergenic properties to block infection.Place 5-8 drops in a large bowl of water that is just too hot for skin contact (not boiling)and inhale for 5 minutes. Or mix at a 5% dilution in a carrier oil or balm and use as a chest rub.
    • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: We stand behind our oils and blends. If you're not happy, return any Cure Oils product within 30 days for a full refund. CURE OILS is dedicated to customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If your purchase does not fulfill your needs for any reason, you can return your item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You also get Special Offers in our other products also. See below.

If Kissing or Sex Leaves You Tingly, Is It Love or Allergies? Intimate ...

Some people evolve hives or wheezing from the natural chemicals released by their body by the emotional ferment or physical exertion during sexual interaction. For people allergic to their mate's semen, Dr. Bahna suggests the use of condoms or

Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP | Food & Beverage Litigation Update

According to the mug up, scientists detected a known paper-wasp and bumblebee hyena, the phorid fly Apocephalus borealis, in 77 percent of honeybee hives sampled in the San Francisco space, as well as in commercial hives located in South Dakota and

Make a Beauty Resolution in 2012

It's faithful… stress causes hives, breakouts, and even premature wrinkles if not managed nicely. I'll keep up that yoga habit this year and maybe add some breathing exercises and meditation when I can't hit the mat. Or perhaps I'll just get pedicures

Acupuncture Blog Chicago: Chinese Medicine Offers Effective Treatments For ...

Acupuncture Blog Chicago: Chinese Medicine Offers Effective Treatments For ... I'm not certain if it's the weather, the indulgent diet during the holidays or the stress that comes along with all the good spirits making, but Hives and other skin disorders have been a popular complaint in my Chicago acupuncture responsibility lately.

Queensland honey production drops off as dry weather causes problems for apiarists and hives

The lack of rain throughout Queensland is causing problems for apiarists and their hives.

The dry conditions mean there has not been much nectar around for the pollinators and in turn they are producing less honey.

For those based around Mackay in North Queensland, the force of winds during Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March knocked many flowers and buds off plants so there was already less nectar available.

That was a blow before the dry conditions rolled in during winter, one of the state's driest and warmest in decades.

Paul Marsh is a commercial honey producer based at Sarina Range south of Mackay.

He has not extracted honey for five-and-a-half months, and in a good year he would take around 100 kilos of honey from each of his hives.

Luckily Mr Marsh has a stockpile of honey but he — like other local beekeepers — has had to take up part-time work to supplement his income.

"All the beekeepers in the area thought it would have been a good year with all the rain that we had, but a lot of the trees were cleaned out with the leaves and buds," Mr Marsh said.

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