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Scar Reduction Silicone Sheets & Hydrogel Sheets How Can Silicone Sheets & Hydrogel Sheets Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Scar Reduction Sheets aisle of the Store features various types of scar reduction sheets, namely sheets made of silicone as well as hydrogel sheets that are water-based. Scar reduction silicone sheets and hydrogel (water-based) sheets help reduce the scar size, thickness, height, and color of all types of scars, including new and old scars, post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and other scar types caused by injury, trauma, and burns. By flattening, softening, smoothing, and blending the scar with surrounding healthy skin, these soft, breathable silicone sheets and hydrogel sheets helps make the scar far less noticeable. These scar sheets are made of a soft, comfortable, and highly flexible material that can be easily cut to fit any scar size and can be used on almost any location of the body. For fresh scars, scar reduction products should only be applied after wounds have fully closed.

scar cream and stretch marks.?

i have some scar esthetique scar cream.. would that do anything to help stretch marks fade or diminish?

Im 24 and im 9 months pregnant with my 4rth Ive dona ALOT of research and pure products are the best!! lotions at the stores are only dilluted and full of ingredients that arent good for skin Whenever you buy a product make sure to look at the ingredients

Cocoa butter for the stretch marks or mederma for the scars.

yes it would

Mederma works best though