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The Most Overlooked Tool for Effective Rehab

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Old injuries, chronic conditions and repetitive movement patterns often comprise a large amount of a massage therapy practice.

Compensatory patterns develop and enable to dysfunction to spread, creating pain and limitations in life.

Manual therapy uses vacuum cups and specific techniques to relieve pain and restriction, along with those compensatory patterns—no matter how old the injury may be.

PH of Injury, Chronic Conditions and Repetitive Movement

The body responds to injury via the neurohormonal and immune systems. The tissue shifts from a healthy alkaline PH to an acidic one, in order for the body to send chemicals via blood and lymph to address pain and other factors.

The area fills with lymph and the inflammatory response kicks in. This is a normal part of the healing process.

The biggest challenge is allowing the injury to fully recover. People often let it heal, wrap it up and get back to life’s activities as soon as possible. The tissue stays in the acidic PH and that becomes the new “normal” for that part of the body.

scar cream and stretch marks.?

i have some scar esthetique scar cream.. would that do anything to help stretch marks fade or diminish?

Im 24 and im 9 months pregnant with my 4rth Ive dona ALOT of research and pure products are the best!! lotions at the stores are only dilluted and full of ingredients that arent good for skin Whenever you buy a product make sure to look at the ingredients

Cocoa butter for the stretch marks or mederma for the scars.

yes it would

Mederma works best though