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kelo-cote scar cream

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    Kelo-Cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel, 10 Grams
    Beauty (SOS Brands Inc.)

    SOS Brands Inc.

    List Price: $31.99
    Price: $34.90

    • 100 percent silicone
    • Clinically proven to flatten, soften, and reduce redness of scars over the course of treatment
    • Improves the appearance of scars
    • Physician recommended
    • Helps to relieve itching, discomfort and pain associated with scars

    Kelo-cote Gel, 60 gram tube
    Health and Beauty (ABT Belli Materna LLC.)

    ABT Belli Materna LLC.

    List Price: $83.52
    Price: $83.52

    • Hydrates the scarred area and creates an environment which allows the scar to mature through normal collagen synthesis cycles
    • Dries rapidly to form an invisible protective silicone sheet over the affected area
    • This protective barrier if flexible, odorless, waterproof, and breathable

Treating Keloids (Scars) in Ethnic Skin

Keloids develop more often in those between the ages of 10-30 years old. They can occur in any person but have been found to develop between 4.5 to 16 percent in populations that are predominately Black and Hispanic.

Keloids can occur anywhere on the body but are more common on earlobes, the chest, back and arms. Sometimes a keloid can be painful, itch or become tender. This is thought to be due to abnormalities in the functioning of nerve fibers in the skin of the scar. Unfortunately, keloids may develop months or even years after the original injury to the skin.


- Steroid (cortisone) injections: Steroids work by decreasing the excess collagen production that make the skin overly thicken and form the keloid. These injections are mildly to moderately painful and may need to be repeated monthly for six to eight treatments. Topical steroids often cannot penetrate the keloid so are used less often.

According to Dr. Susan Taylor from, “one study found that 88 percent of keloids injected with triamcinalone actoneide (cortisone) decreased in size ... and itching disappeared within three to five days of injection.”

Desperately seeking Kelo-Cote scar cream in the United Kingdom?

Ive searched the web like crazy but still can't find a supplier,is there anyone out there who could help point me in the right direction? Would really appreciate it.. Thanks guys

Kelo-cote is available on prescription from your GP, Dermatologist or pharmacist.

can someone please tell me about kelo cote it really helpful in removing scars?

i have some acne scars

unfortunately not
a chemical peel or dermatology dermabrasion might

seek professional advice to get the best possible information regarding your type of skin and problem