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kelo-cote scar cream

Do scar remedies really work?

But of course, if a scar gets better after months of applying a remedy, it's hard to know whether the treatment or just time made the difference.

Very few well-designed studies have tried to answer that question, says Dr. Joseph Sobanko, a dermatological surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia. Because everyone heals differently, a good study compares treatments on two similar scars on the same person, such as after breast reduction, or on two halves of the same scar.

Even then, a study may report effectiveness for some esoteric measurement such as elasticity but the treatment may still leave a cosmetically unacceptable scar. "What patients and we physicians care about is whether there's a significant decrease in scar volume and whether it looks better aesthetically," Sobanko says.

The only thing really shown to help the healing process and minimize scarring, he says, is keeping a wound moist and covered. Most scar products do that. But there's little evidence that they work any better than inexpensive petroleum jelly.

Desperately seeking Kelo-Cote scar cream in the United Kingdom?

Ive searched the web like crazy but still can't find a supplier,is there anyone out there who could help point me in the right direction? Would really appreciate it.. Thanks guys

Kelo-cote is available on prescription from your GP, Dermatologist or pharmacist.

can someone please tell me about kelo cote it really helpful in removing scars?

i have some acne scars

unfortunately not
a chemical peel or dermatology dermabrasion might

seek professional advice to get the best possible information regarding your type of skin and problem