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Juice Cleanse Detox: Why You Should Avoid This Trend

For many years, a juice cleanse was considered the fastest way to lose those unwanted pounds, while it’s also the go-to method when it comes to kick-starting a new diet. Unfortunately, despite many so-called wellness gurus who swear by these cleanses, there is very little science that backs up this practice. Moreover, while you may lose weight initially, it is bound to come back as soon as you are eating like you normally do. Which is why you should actually be focusing on your day-to-day diet, not a quick fix that is going to cause more harm than good in the long run.

Here is why you should avoid this trend.

First off, the juice cleanse has just been listed by the British Dietetic Association as one of their top diets to avoid. In 2019, dietians in the UK (and SA alike!) are advising people avoid detox teas, an element that is usually incorporated in a juice cleanse.

What does a detox diet entail?

According to Monique Piderit, registered dietician from Nutritional Solutions, someone on a detox diet will traditionally eat very little (usually just raw foods like fruit and vegetables, and veggie juices in some variation) while they are drinking large amounts of fluids. These usually constitute of mostly water or herbal teas of some sort.

Does anyone have any idea how to do a liver cleanse ?

I would like to know what herbs to take, how to do it at home and also how to do it chemically or through a doctor but I would really prefer to do it at home I want it to be very effective and it should last long.It should not be a mild cleanse but a

Contact Ur doctor

Funny you say that I just got three books from the library about homeade herbal teas or medicinal uses from herbs... So you want something to clean your liver...Dandelion ROot,Milk thistle Eucalyptus Laef and oil, Haronga Bark and oil... Make a tea with

What is a liver cleanse that you have actually used?

A doctor told me I need to do a liver cleanse. Is there one that you have actually used? How long did it take? Did you have to be close to a bathroom for more than 24 hours? I have a few weeks to figure out how to do this until I see him again.

i don,t believe this. why would a doctor tell you this?

No reputable doctor is going to tell a patient this off the wall treatment.