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    Liver & Kidney Cleanse, Rehmannia Formulation, Promotes Healthy Liver Detoxification and Kidney Purification, Supports Weight Control, 540 Mg, 90 Capsules, Nature’s Health
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    Nature's Health

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    • ✅ ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVE: Nature's Health products are crafted in our Salt Lake City facility and all of our products are proudly Made in the USA by a team of nutrition and botanical experts. Nature's Health Liver & Kidney Cleanse is backed by our Pure Promise in which we do not use fillers, artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives offering you nothing but 100% of our All-Natural Formulation.
    • ✅ LIVER DETOX: Dogwood Fruit consists of antioxidants which may support the liver its natural detoxification process.
    • ✅ KIDNEY TONIC: Rehmannia Root may contribute to the maintenance of already healthy kidney and adrenal gland functions.
    • ✅ 100% LEGENDARY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your results or your money back, guaranteed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Try Nature's Health Liver & Kidney Cleanse today!
    • ✅ BLOOD SUGAR MANAGEMENT: Chinese Yam may help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar which may help the body's natural weight management.

    Liver Balance, Chinese TCM Concentrate (30) by Nature's Sunshine
    Health and Beauty (Nature's Sunshine Products)

    Nature's Sunshine Products

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    • Contains traditional Chinese herbs
    • From the world leader in herbs and health supplements
    • The best of Chinese and Western herbal experience
    • Tested for consistency, quality and potency
    • A high quality product that meets pharmaceutical standards

The Hindu THIRSTING for good health? Photo: Special Arrangement

The Hindu THIRSTING for good health? Photo: Special Arrangement “As well as being savoury and nutritious, beets are a superb liver tonic (Chinese medicine agrees, by the way).” If you deficiency to eat healthier, follow the sensible food fads. More whole grains. Learn about millets, and how to cook them so you can

Dr. Mao's Wellness Central: Healthy Detox After The Holidays

A predominating herbal formula among my patients is Internal Cleanse, a special combination of See native herbs to detoxify, clear the mind, promote emotional authority, and ease digestion. Exercise. This movement is from Liver Cleansing Qi Gong,

Helpful Holiday Hangover Cures

Chinese accustomed medicine uses natural substances to help support the healthy functions of your liver, lymphatic system, centre, urinary tract, and skin. Try these herbs in teas to cleanse your system and prevent a buildup of toxins and wastes in

Start the New Year Right: Benefits of Body Cleansing

In experience, Chinese medicine utilizes post-winter fasting as preventative care to exude excess fat and weight gained during the season. The benefits of cleansing are astronomical. Eliminating toxins through cleansing can heighten energy, improve memory and

10 Liver-Friendly Foods For Natural Cleansing

Top 10 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver Here are some foods that can give your liver that well-deserved cleanse. Just be sure to check for any possible drug interactions before you make them part of your daily regimen. Also, if you already have a liver problem, do get proper medical attention first. Ginger The warm heat of ginger doesn’t just spice up your meal with its earthy heat, but can also be really good for the liver. It acts on your digestive system, increasing secretions and boosting metabolism and circulation. As one study on animal test subjects noted, ginger helped improve the histological liver profile. Lipid peroxidation (free radical damage resulting in oxidative degradation of the lipids in your body) markers went down while the level of antioxidant enzymes in the blood went up. This led the researchers to conclude that ginger could be quite effective in helping alleviate liver damage (resulting in this case from exposure to a fungicide) Separate research showed ginger’s

I'm really sick! Please help?

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a fourteen-year-old girl. About a year ago, due to school troubles, I convinced my Mom to have me home-schooled for the year. Boy, did I choose the right time! One morning during that Summer, I woke up with extreme

Sounds like IBS or Crohns...I think you need to go back to the doctors ...have your mom demand the mean time try some pepermint tea...I feel for ya....Good Luck:)

Sounds like you need to keep searching. It's not going to stop without a fight.

i'm just taking an educated guess, maybe you have cysts on your ovaries. it happens to a lot of girls.

I just thought I would help those out that were on the Depo-provera and are now ttc. This article explains how?

Depo can stay in your system up to 18mos to help get it out this website suggested these steps

1 Drink LOTS of water: We all know there many health benefits of drinking water. Besides clear skin and weight loss, drinking at least 64 ounces

I personally went on the pill for two months to "jump start" my period again after DEPO (on it for three years). It worked for me...I got pregnant the second month after stopping the pill. So I got pregnant pretty quickly after stopping the

I personally went on the pill for two months to "jump start" my period again after DEPO (on it for three years). It worked for me...I got pregnant the second month after stopping the pill. So I got pregnant pretty quickly after stopping the