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alta white teeth whitening

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    Alta White No Strip or Trays- FAST Teeth Whitener and Polisher/1 month supply
    Beauty (Health Buy)

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    Price: $59.49

    • Professional results at home
    • No strips or trays to wear
    • Polishes while Whitening
    • Removes plaque at the same time

    EHM ALTA AURA GLOWZ Teeth Whitening Kit (10) ALTA AURA Gels (2) Trays (1) AURA BLUE White LED Light
    Beauty (EHM)


    List Price: $13.25
    Price: $13.25

    • IN JUST A FEW SIMPLE easy-to-do treatments removes years' worth of stains for a white smile with our whitening kit
    • ALTA AURA GLOWZ Teeth Whitening Kit ★ is actually a process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel. Our basic system uses an effective whitening solution retained in 2 thermo-forming trays (1 upper arch, 1 lower arch) that are worn over your teeth for only 5 to 30 minutes per day until you have reached your desired level of whitening. Our product is a solution which allows the shorter period of time for results
    • REMOVES years worth of stains for a white smile in just a few applications. Same formula used by thousands of across the US and Europe. Far more effective than other whitening options as this customized solution comes with trays that perfectly mold to your mouth, ensuring whitening exactly where you want it.

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how to get my teeth whiter!? (PICTURE INCLUDED)?

if my teeth are about this yellow: (top picture) nt/uploads/2009/07/teeth-before-after-al ta-white-261x300.jpg

how can i make them this white if i just brush them 3 times every day?

I use crest whitening strips. People constantly comment on how white my teeth are, and I am very happy with them. They can cause some gum irritation towards the end, but nothing too bad. They are much less expensive than dental work, too! If you go to

Go to Office Max or Office Supply Store, they sell a liquid for correcting mistakes called WHITE OUT, give it a try, ya never know...ha, jk!

If you want them that white you have to pay some big bucks. I had an internship as a dental assistant and whitening costs from $600 to more. The cheapest is $300 I think. Not worth it. Most movie stars wear caps over their teeth.