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    What Is An Asthma Attack?: Respiration (Inside My Body)
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    [(What is an Asthma Attack? )] [Author: Carol Ballard] [Feb-2012]
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Vitamin D helps with asthma

By Kelly Laurencig Precious Pharmacist, I read your Facebook post about people with asthma and how they should be dairy casual. I feel better after just one week. I also read where you recommend two supplements for asthma, which I principled started (Coleus

Asthmatic children's lives put at risk by 'red tape' as schools banned from ...

Asthmatic children's lives put at risk by 'red tape' as schools banned from ... By Provoke Association Reporter Children with asthma are being prevented from getting access to inhalers in schools due to 'excessive red tape', a leading charity has warned. Asthma UK said schools are prevented from keeping a in reserve blue reliever inhaler


Henry clocks up an typically of around eight miles per match, which is all the more mind-blowing when he reveals a lifelong mel with asthma. Henry's condition was so bad that as a child he was twice rushed to clinic by ambulance after collapsing at

How to take action when kids have food allergies

Also, it is benevolent to stay up to-date on the latest in food allergy management by joining organizations like the Subsistence Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology , as well as of children rearing support groups that

Asthma: Redefining this silent killer

One name, many diseases

In their 51-page document, Prof. Pavord and his fellow Commissioners strongly criticize the lack of progress that the field of asthma has seen in the past 20 years.

One of the issues, as highlighted in the report, is that asthma is often diagnosed by looking at an individual's symptoms and carrying out a simple lung function test . But the Commissioners say that this is not specific enough.

They say, "[T] he notion that a rheumatologist diagnosing arthritis or a hematologist diagnosing anemia would generically treat patients without determining the specific cause and type of disease in the 21st century is absurd."

To achieve this, better biomarkers will be needed to help both patients and their doctors to move away from the diagnosis of "asthma" and clearly define which type of "chronic airway disease" they are dealing with.

In a radical step, the report goes beyond demanding better diagnosis and treatment by challenging the perception that asthma should be viewed as a life-long condition and treated as a chronic disease.

Asthma. I think im in trouble?

I need with an INTRODUCTION paragraph for essay for Asthma.
-What are the causes?
-Who is at risk?
-How can it be prevented?What are the symtoms?
-What treatments are available?
-How does it affect quality of life?

If you don't have asthma don't write an essay on it
Cause you will never know what its like to not be able to breathe


Why do people die of asthma attacks?

I have asthma and I row, today I forgot to take my inhaler today because I was running late and I forgot. We happened to do a triathlon and I had a really bad scare with my asthma. It has never been this bad. And I'd like to be informed of the severe

The airways in your lungs get constricted, whether it be from mucus or from just swelling. Once those are constricted, there's no way for air to get in your lungs. Asthma can be very dangerous if left untreated. Be careful

You die because you can't get air . You die quite horribly , gasping for air. The air is blocked by the constriction of your airways due to asthma. I can't imagine anyone being so careless as to forget their inhaler . Attach a note to the door which you