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Marine oil supplement fails to produce beneficial results in non-asthmatic elite runners: RCT


Based on this, researchers at Indiana University and the University of Alabama conducted a study to determine if supplementation with PCSO-524 could improve pulmonary and respiratory muscle function in non-asthmatic elite runners.

States of supplementation

They recruited 16 non-asthmatic elite male runners and randomly assigned them to either a treatment group or placebo group.

Each participant in the treatment group received eight capsules of PCSO-524 daily, each capsule containing 50mg of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and 100mg of olive oil. Each participant in the placebo group received eight capsules daily as well, though each one contained 150mg of olive oil.

The supplementation period lasted 12 weeks, during which the participants' resting pulmonary and respiratory muscle function was tested every two weeks (after being tested at baseline).

Subsequently, the researchers reported no significant main effects between or within the subjects in the following states:

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

primatine mist or pill

I have used all of the above and in a pinch (ran out of prescrip med on a weekend) I like the broncaid better because it last longer although the primatine mist works faster

Nothing that really works

That's one illness that you need to see a Doctor for!!! There are some ,but all have side effects that cause your heart to race,and blood pressure elevation,headache.Never give these drugs to children.Who diagnosed the "bronchial asthma"? That

What medications for bronchial asthma?

My mother has a bronchial asthma. What spray or inhaler can you recommend? If possible, with no side effects?

advair all the way