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can asthma be cured

Can asthma be cured with a lung transplant?

lol I have asthma, but obviously I am not planning on having one, but I was just wondering...What do you think? Is it possible?? Maybe by transplanting both?? XD

Well, you would have to transplant both lungs and a significant portion of the respiratory tract, but yes, it is certainly possible.

THAT SAID, you would probably get essentially the same therapeutic effects by simply taking the medication

No, asthma is a disease of the alveoli not of the lungs.

Transplanted organs generally don't last too long - plus the operation is incredibly risky, so even if it were possible I don't think it'd be worth it.

Can Asthma be (cured OR controlled) by heating surrounding air?

My mother, 88 years old, got asthma for the past 2 years. She is affected by cold weather. Can it be cured (or controlled) by keeping the room warm, as it will help to inhale warm air ?

Air purifiers helped me rid of my asthma. Set one in your room and turn it on when you got to bed.

As you said she is affected by the cold, keeping her warm will help a great deal.