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Form, foliage and fragrance – celebrating the native plants of the South Island

Family. When planted in full sun, it will branch out from ground level. It is often used as a hedging plant because of its hardiness and fast growth.

Given space, this shapely shrub will grow to its full potential: it can become a beautiful specimen tree of up to 12 metres in height, with a rounded crown and a trunk of up to 60 centimetres in diameter.

When crushed, its leaves exude a strong scent of lemon, which explains its common name, lemonwood. The leaves, 2–4 centimetres wide and 10–15 centimetres long, range in colour from a soft yellow/green hue to a deep green, depending on the site. Leaves have a distinctive lemon-yellow midrib and wavy margins. The stems are a deep reddish brown, yet the trunks are often a pale whitish colour.

Tarata flowers from October through to December in large clusters of yellow blooms that ripen into green then black fruit capsules within twelve to fourteen months.

Has anyone used a natural remedy to control their asthma?

I am an adult, with asthma. My triggers are exercise, laughing, colds, allergies. I use my inhaler everyday, which is not good.
I have no insurance to pay for drugs, but I am a member of Rx assistance programs.
I am looking for a natural

You might want to try these things:
Astragalus herb - made it much easier for me to take a deeper breath.
Rosehips herb - made it easier for me to breathe.
Grape seed extract - cut down on the mucus production when laughing or exerting

Get rid of carpet in your house, stay away from overly dusty area's too. Try breathing exercises to open up your air ways in your lungs.

Here are some natural remedies for an asthma attack-
- Drink coffee, coke, or any other drink with caffeine in it to open up your airways when you feel an asthma attack coming on
-Also try chocolate or black licorice to help your breathing.

Any good natural remedy for asthma?

Dietary changes are the #1 way to eliminate asthma long-term. There are also many herbal formulas, but you need to purchase them from a Licensed Acupuncturist or Herbalist. You can look for someone on your own by going to and searching

Magnesium tablets. Granted you have to take two a night for a month to begin to feel the benefits, but I've used it for over a year now and have noticed a large drop in my need for a rescue inhaler.