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'I earned cash as a drug Guinea Pig': How to beat the flu ...without your finances catching a cold

Clinical research trials on flu are regularly held by scientists trying to unravel the secrets of the virus and banish sniffles forever.

London-based FluCamp pays volunteers up to £3,000 to give up a fortnight so they might catch a bug in the name of science.

Fiona Morgan, 32, from Haverhill in Suffolk, has been on two trials in the past three years – earning £2,800 a time as a human guinea pig.

As a safety officer in the pharmaceuticals industry, she knows the risks she is taking.

She says: ‘The biggest concern is boredom. You are given an en-suite room with a TV and bookshelf and a window to look out of, but that is pretty much your life for the next ten or so days. You cannot get out and exercise so you just end up eating lots. The only socialising is with doctors and nurses taking blood tests.’

Fiona says you do not know if you are going to be given a virus or a placebo. She has never experienced full-blown flu as a result of the tests and only once got a sniffle.

Has anyone used a natural remedy to control their asthma?

I am an adult, with asthma. My triggers are exercise, laughing, colds, allergies. I use my inhaler everyday, which is not good.
I have no insurance to pay for drugs, but I am a member of Rx assistance programs.
I am looking for a natural

You might want to try these things:
Astragalus herb - made it much easier for me to take a deeper breath.
Rosehips herb - made it easier for me to breathe.
Grape seed extract - cut down on the mucus production when laughing or exerting

Get rid of carpet in your house, stay away from overly dusty area's too. Try breathing exercises to open up your air ways in your lungs.

Here are some natural remedies for an asthma attack-
- Drink coffee, coke, or any other drink with caffeine in it to open up your airways when you feel an asthma attack coming on
-Also try chocolate or black licorice to help your breathing.

Any good natural remedy for asthma?

Dietary changes are the #1 way to eliminate asthma long-term. There are also many herbal formulas, but you need to purchase them from a Licensed Acupuncturist or Herbalist. You can look for someone on your own by going to and searching

Magnesium tablets. Granted you have to take two a night for a month to begin to feel the benefits, but I've used it for over a year now and have noticed a large drop in my need for a rescue inhaler.